Email Marketing extension for Vtiger CRM

Move your Email Marketing in Vtiger CRM on another level with this amazing tool

Create perfect Email Campaigns and track status of them

Email Marketing features

  • Create Campaigns for your business
  • Select templates from Newsletter
  • Variables from Newsletter supported
  • Schedule when emails will be sent
  • Send Preview Email
  • Track status of Campaign: Access Count, Click Count & more…
  • Work with Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Vendors, Campaigns modules
  • Most Email clients supported
  • Compatible with Newsletter
  • Easy installation & usage
  • Vtiger 7.x/6.x compatible
  • Included in our packages: Extended, All Access
  •  Note: Works only with Newsletter module


Start using Email Marketing now!

Newsletter extension included

Installation & Usage

Installation is done via our Installer extension:

  1. Login to our e-Shop, after login you will see Installer available under Free Downloads section.
  2. Download Installer and install it via Module Manager by importing .zip file.
  3. Enter to Installer via Main Menu – Settings – CRM Settings – Extensions – ITS4YouInstaller.
  4. Start with login via   button.
  5. In next pop-up screen ITS4You Login, please insert your email + password you used for our e-shop.
  6. Next please click on the button and enter your license key.
  7. Confirm with button.
  8. Now you will be able to access module via CRM Menu —> Marketing —> Email Marketing.

More info about installation and validation:

 Note: Same installation process is for Newsletter extension.
 Note: You must install Newsletter in order to use Email Marketing. When you purchase Email Marketing you can install Newsletter via Installer.

After successful installation of Email Marketing you are able to access the module and start using it.

 Notice: Before working with Email Marketing, you will be needed to have Newsletter installed and some templates created already.

How to create Campaign

  1. Make sure to have created templates in Newsletter, for example we will use Contacts module in this guide.
  2. Open Email Marketing in Vtiger CRM, you will be redirected to List view, click on the button  to start creating Campaign.
    The button  is used if you want to create template in Newsletter.
  3. Creating Campaign have 4 steps, in first step Campaign Details fill all required data like name for your campaign, assigned to, From Name – name of sender, From Email – email from which campaign is sent, Reply To – where you will receive emails when someone reply to your campaign emails, description if needed.
  4. Second step Subscribers, please select the Module first, you can choose from 5 modules: Organizations, Contacts, Leads, Vendors & Campaigns. For our guide we used Contacts module.
    You will see how many records of contacts you have in CRM and which contact lists were loaded. Select the list you want and proceed via a button .
    Also, you have an option if you want to use Primary Email or Secondary email of contacts.
  5. The third step Template, is where you choose Newsletter template you created. Simply choose the template via a pick list button .
    The template should be loaded and also Subject* was updated. Continue to last step.
  6. Last the most important step is Schedule when your emails will be sent.
    A) Manual:
    You will be needing manually perform sending of email via  button when you already created the Campaign.
    Send Hourly = how many emails will be sent per hour.
     Notice: Sending emails is performed via Scheduler in your CRM each 15 minutes. So if you set Send Hourly email’s value to 100. Means each 15 minutes 25 emails will be sent.
    B) Scheduled:
    You can send when the Campaign can start if you don’t want to do it manually. Simply set the date and time + how many emails will be sent hourly.

    Hit  the button and you successfully created the campaign!

 Notice: When you choose Schedule email sending to Manual. You will see the button .
If you select Scheduled the  button will be not shown in your Detail view for Campaign.

Now you are able to see the status of the Campaign on the Key Metrics window or when you access the Emails section:

Email Marketing Detail view Layout


Creating Email Marketing Campaign

Try Newsletter on our Vtiger 7.1 demo

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