PDF Maker for Vtiger 7.x CRM

14 October 2020 – PDF Maker 4.14

  • fixed issue where export/preview was showing “Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file” error message when using the Related Blocks feature

12 October 2020 – PDF Maker 4.13

  • fixed issue where in some random cases related blocks were not working correctly
    fixed issue where export/preview was not working when using the italic texts like Arial
    fixed issue where workflow action Send Email with PDF Maker was sending/using just one (first template in the list) PDF Maker template when there was more templates selected for this action

30 September 2020 – PDF Maker 4.12

  • Display conditions for template now only can/can not see users based on PDF Maker – Profiles settings
    (Create/Edit is checked, the user can edit Display Conditions, this also applies in reverse)
    Fixed issue where product images in product block were not loading correctly during export or preview (only first product image was loaded)
    Added new feature “Page Break variable” which can be used for long product descriptions, this feature can be placed into the product description in the item details block via variable “#pagebreak#”
    However, some rules apply when using “#pagebreak#”:
    – does not transfer a style if # pagebreak # is in any “div” which has any styles, in this case it will be divided
    – if the table is in a table, then in this case it will not work properly
    – the width of the cells is not transmitted, we recommend setting it fixed during use

9 September 2020 – PDF Maker 4.11

  • Fixed issue where loading images via CK Editor layout was giving “Incorrect server response” error
    Improved Workflow action “Save Document from PDF Maker” where assigned to field was added

20 August 2020 – PDF Maker 4.10

  • Added option to set Default width and height for product images under Settings in the template
    Fixed issue where variable $PRODUCT_IMAGE$​​​​​​​ was giving as a result blank space
    Added the ability to install MPDF, CKEditor, Simple HTML dom via “Customize – Extensions” in PDF Maker
    Fixed issue where variable $VATPERCENT$​​​​​​​ for Individual taxes was giving as a result zeros
    Added new variable $PRODUCT_LISTPRICEWITHTAX$ which shows list price of product + tax as a result
    Improved quantity, number/value format for preview and export, decimals are removed by a default
    *For special cases, if the quantity is set to 5.5 by users, they can change formatting via Number Format under Properties
    Added Currency format option, if “Is Active” is checked, all currency fields will use this formatting instead of Number format which can be used separately for quantity and percentage if their value contains decimals

3 August 2020 – PDF Maker 4.9

  • Fixed issue where variable $PRODUCTDISCOUNT$ was not affected by Number format settings from the template Properties
    Increased limit for files which are exported, in the \modules\PDFMaker\resources\simple_html_dom\simple_html_dom.php file from 60 000 (6MB) to 100 000 000 (100MB)
    *if you are having issues to send bigger files via Email function in Vtiger, we suggest to update these values also in the file: \include\simplehtmldom\simple_html_dom.php line 65: define(‘MAX_FILE_SIZE’, 600000);
    minor updates for upcoming extension E-Signature

17 July 2020 – PDF Maker 4.8

  • Fixed issue where variable $PRODUCTVATPERCENT$ was not showing VAT correctly when edited manually in the Items Detail block

25 June 2020 – PDF Maker 4.7

  • Added new custom function its4you_showtotaldiscountpercent

28 May 2020 – PDF Maker 4.6

  • Improved feature to enter variables by starting writing $ symbol into the template, now you can also use the symbol+label name ($subje…)
    *before it was just $ symbol + variable ($INVOICE_SUBJE…)
    Added new inCFArray custom function [CUSTOMFUNCTION|inCFArray|name|value|inArrayReturn|notInArrayReturn|CUSTOMFUNCTION] to filter records
    *can be used with custom function [CUSTOMFUNCTION|addToCFArray|name|value|CUSTOMFUNCTION]
    Added feature to create List view templates and group them by adding in to template [LISTVIEWGROUPBY|xxx: xxx|LISTVIEWGROUPBY]
    *these templates will work just for list view export in modules, template will not shown in the detail view of records
    Added new Unique Products Blocks, used to remove duplicates in shown in the blocks
    Fixed issue where you were not able sort templates by name in the PDF Maker list view

29 April 2020 – PDF Maker 4.4

  • Fixed issue where datefmt custom function was showing current date even when the fields for the date were empty
    Fixed issue where field Contact Name in related blocks, were causing that related block was empty after export or preview
    New icon in menu for PDF Maker added

9 April 2020 – PDF Maker 4.3

  • Added variable $PURCHASEORDER_PAID$ for Purchase Orders module
    Fixed #HIDETR# custom function, where it was causing issues when there was table in the table and the whole tables was hidden instead of <tr>
    Save as Document feature now pre-fill the Title of the Documents, based on the File Name value in the PDF Maker under Settings tab

4 March 2020 – PDF Maker 4.2

  • Fixed issue, where using variables Received ($received$) and Balance ($balance$) in related block was not shown correctly when exported to .pdf

17 February 2020 – PDF Maker 4.1

  • minor bug fixes

January 2020 – PDF Maker 4.0

  • new validation system via our FREE extension Installer

January 2020 – PDF Maker 700.13.6

  • Fixed issue where “Send Email” function was not sending attachments
    Fixed issues where CK Editor was not properly loaded when creating the template

January 2020 – PDF Maker 700.13.5

  • Fixed issue from versions 700.13.2 + where you had issues with the page break feature
    Minor bug fixes

January 2020 – PDF Maker 700.13.4

  • Custom functions compatibility with PHP 7.3 added
    Fixed issue where you were unable to click on the menu and expand it, when you entered “Customize” tabs via PDF Maker list view
    Fixed issue where you weren’t able to choose related modules and use variables (mainly Calendar, where you had just Contacts as related module)
    Added feature to enter variables by starting writing in to template with the $ symbol, so you don’t have to choose them via pick list menu

January 2020 – PDF Maker 700.13.3

  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

December 2019 – PDF Maker 700.13.2

  • Fixed issue where export of images for the module Products was not working (using variable $PRODUCTS_IMAGENAME$)
    Also feature of PDF Maker “PDF Product Images” before export working correctly based on: PDF Product Images in product templates

December 2019 – PDF Maker 700.13.1

  • Fixed issue with export showing error code

November 2019 – PDF Maker 700.13.0

  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

September 2019 – PDF Maker 700.12.0

  • Styles 4 You, fixed issue where the “unlink” button was not working

September 2019 – PDF Maker 700.11.0

  • Fixed issue with template conditions, where you weren’t able to select currency as a condition from the picklist

June 2019 – PDF Maker 700.10.0

  • Added Charges Block
    Minor changes in the manual

May 2019 – PDF Maker 700.9.4

  • Fixed issue when Related Block was duplicating first record

April 2019 – PDF Maker 700.9.3

  • Fixed variable of Delivery Notes: $ITS4YOUDELIVERYNOTES_QUANTITY$
    – when there was more than one product in Delivery Notes, it was showing wrong quantity count  when PDF was exported

March 2019 – PDF Maker 700.9.2

  • Fixed issue where the fields which contained html code in text area were shown incorrectly
    Compatibility with Descriptions 4 You

February 2019 – PDF Maker 700.9.1

  • Fixed issue where inactive fields were shown in PDF Maker

January 2019 – PDF Maker 700.9.0

  • Edit & Export compatibility with PHP 7.1
    Fixed problem with adding deducted taxes
    Added label for “Insert into template” variables
    Added template loading sequel for export

December 2018 – PDF Maker 700.8.0

  • License validation problem fixed
    (we recommend to update PDF maker to at least this version if you are having issues with validation)

September 2018 – November 2018 – PDF Maker 700.5.1 – 700.7.0

  • Pagebreak functionality bug fixed
  • Due date license added
    Font awesome feature
    Dynamic loading of fonts from the folder resources/fonts/

August 2018 – PDF Maker 700.5.0

  • Watermark funcionality
  • Lock PDF file funcionality – Password for PDF file

June 2018 – PDF Maker 700.4.1

  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

April 2018 – PDF Maker 700.4.0

  • Header/Footer template

January – March 2018 – PDF Maker 700.3.0 – 700.3.1

  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

September – October 2017: 700.2.0 – 700.2.3

  • #HIDETR# functionality to hide <tr> in your PDF file (we recommend to use it with its4you_if, its4you_ifnumber or its4you_isnull custom function)
  • new custom functions: its4you_ifnumber, its4you_isnull
  • bug fixes

July 2017: 700.1.4 – 700.1.5

  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

31. May 2017: 700.1.3

  • PDF Maker available for vtiger 7.0

PDF Maker 2.x for vtiger CRM 6.x

30 April 2020: 600.19.6

  • Fixed issue where field Contact Name in related blocks, were causing that related block was empty after export or preview

March 2019: 600.19.5

  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

March 2019: 600.19.4

  • Fixed issue where Product & Service blocks were not working correctly

February 2019: 600.19.3

  • Fixed issue where inactive fields were shown in PDF Maker

January 2019: 600.19.2

  • Product page break feature fixed
    Added label for “Insert into template” variables

December 2018: 600.19.1

  • Uninstall fixed
    Fixed issue where custom fields for calendar was not showing upon export

November 2018: 600.19.0

August 2018: 600.18.0

  • Watermark functionality
  • PDF Password

July 2018: 600.17.0

  • Header/Footer template

November 2016: 600.16.0

  • Styles4You
  • More user-friendly create/edit of template (movable PDF Maker block in EditView)
  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

August 2016: 600.15.0 – 600.15.1

  • Save PDF into Documents in Edit and Export

July 2016: 600.14.0

  • Export to RTF functionality
  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

June 2016: 600.13.0

  • Searching in ListView
  • Owner and Sharing in ListView of PDF Maker
  • New variables for “Modified by User” and “Created by User” available
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation of PDF Maker
  • Since release 600.13.0 is in installation process new mpdf (mpdf6) installed
  • (New version of mpdf is installed only in installation procces not update of PDFMaker – to update mpdf manually please find: [yourvtiger]/modules/PDFMaker/resources/ and rename or delete folder mpdf. Then please open PDFMaker in your CRM and provide mpdf installation proccess.)
  • Issue with ListView export language fixed
  • Fixed its4you_getContactImage custom function

March 2016: 600.12.0 – 600.12.1

  • Issue with Custom Currency fields fixed
  • Fixed issue with wrong display & in QR code
  • Template owner is user who creates template
  • Option to create separate Block for Products and for Services
  • Fixed issue with printing from ListView
  • Minor Improvements and bug fixes

January 2016: 600.11.0 – 600.11.1

  • Faster loading EditView of template and Create template page

December 2015: 600.10.1

  • Vat block displays also when VAT is 0%
  • Issue with Currency fields fixed
  • $site_URL available in template by $siteurl$

November 2015: 600.10.0

  • Finnish translation of PDF Maker
  • Available option to add custom Company Info into template
  • Showing description of template after mouse rollover in PDF Maker block
  • Product block where is chosen column List Price is possible to select only for module PriceBook

October 2015: version 600.9.1 – 600.9.2

  • bug fixes
  • fixed bug with showing $PRODUCTS_IMAGENAME$

August 2015: version 600.9.0

  • option to add conditions to show/hide templates in PDF Maker block

June 2015: version 600.8.0

  • Compatibility with Vtiger 6.3

May 2015: version 600.7.0 – 600.7.2

  • print PDF option available

May 2015: version 600.6.0

  • sorting of templates by name
  • bug fixes
  • privileges for DETAIL/EDIT/DELETE of templates

April 2015: version 600.5.4 – 600.5.5

  • minor improvements and bug fixes

17. December 2014: version 600.5.3

  • Upgrade option added
  • bug fixes

10. December 2014: version 600.5.1 – 600.5.2

  • fixed sorting in related blocks

27. November 2014: version 600.5.0

  • fixed export in Calendar module
  • sorting within mass export

November 2014: version 600.4.3 – 600.4.5

  • correction release
  • fixed saving PDF Templates
  • removed the limit for the selection in related blocks
  • correction filing discount in PDF

24. October 2014: version 600.4.0 – 600.4.2

  • add option to create page break in product block
  • compatibility with Cashflow4You
  • support of “Comments”
  • bug fixes

8. October 2014: version 600.3.8 – 600.3.9

  • minor improvements and bug fixes
  • available option to Uninstall PDF Maker
  • fixed bug “assigned to”

3. June 2014: version 600.3.3

  • change formatting for uitype 72
  • correction for inserting (total, subtotal…) in the EditView for Invoice, Quotes, SalesOrder and PurchaseOrder

28. May 2014 version 600.3.2

  • introduction of Basic version of PDF Maker

22.May 2014 version 600.3.1

  • improvements related to support EMAIL Maker

13. May 2014 version 600.3.0

  • added support for Workflows

30. April 2014 version 600.2.0

  • added support for Customer portal

January – April 2014 version 600.1.1 – 600.1.10

  • minor improvements and bug fixes related to movement of the PDF Maker to vtiger 6

11. December 2013 version 600.1.0

  • first initiate version 2.x for vtiger CRM 6 based on main functionalities of PDF Maker for vtiger 5.x

PDF Maker 1.x for vtiger CRM 5.x

**************************************** 30.10.2013 – 1.37.0 ****************************************
* minor improvements and bug fixes

**************************************** 12.09.2013 – 1.36.x ****************************************

* PDF files saved into Documents can be assigned to contact or organization product images selection in

* product templates

* possibility to select language for pdf templates used within workflow

* mass export also into rtf format

* additional profile settings for Export to RTF

* added debugging info new column with min/recommended values

**************************************** 03.07.2013 – 1.35.1 ****************************************

* ordering for mass export

* product images selection in product templates

* sorting within related blocks

* List Price in the related blocks

* debugging mode

* uninstallation of the PDF Maker

**************************************** 28.9.2012 – 1.35.0 ****************************************

* automatic notification about new PDF Maker and mPDF updates

* inserting of the QR codes

* tool for self-defined labels management (dictionary)

* an advanced header / footer settings

* tool for product block templates management

* an advanced related blocks management

* pdf template can be separately defined as default for ListView and DetailView

* variables for subtotal values in tables

* a new <rowbreak /> tag for long descriptions/text

* supported under module Calendar

* support of Descriptions 4You extension

**************************************** 31.5.2012 – 1.34.0 ****************************************

* own scheme for profile privileges (independent from Settings of vtiger)

* template sharing

* module and field permissions are taken into account when creating/editing a template

* refined related modules (variable names are changed)

* all custom functions are listed in custom function picklist

* counter in Listview blocks and related blocks – $CRIDX$

* refined VAT block

* custom sorting of templates

* automatic header of product block on new page (using <thead> around table header) and subtotals (using <tfoot> and one of variables $TOTALAFTERDISCOUNT_SUBTOTAL$, $TOTAL_SUBTOTAL$, $TOTALSUM_SUBTOTAL$)

* you can choose to not print header on first page, not print footer on last page, and print footer only on last page

* bugfixes

**************************************** 13.3.2012 – 1.33.0 ****************************************

* added Setting section (click on icon Settins under menu)

* customer portal support (download the zip package from Settings section, unzip it and copy into vtiger)

* Terms and Conditions 4 You support

* mpdf 5.3

* bug fixes (workflow, installation links, conversion of related entity name in related blocks, <thead> and <tbody> tags)

**************************************** 9.12.2011 – 1.32 ****************************************

* added LISTVIEW BLOCK (more entries from listview into one template)

* added “Delete” button into template DetailView

* bugs fixed (related table, vatblock, products_unit_price …)

**************************************** 11.11.2011 – 1.31 ****************************************

* PDFMaker is also available for vTiger version 5.3.0

* Added Basic version

* installation is fully compatible with module manager

**************************************** 13.7.2011 – 1.30 ****************************************

* Related list block makes it possible to create and insert into template tables, which contains data from related modules

* RTF export (beta) – great thanks to Vicus eBusines Solutions for cooperation

* added new fonts (Verdana, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, Lucida Sans Unicode, Georgia, DejaVu Sans, Comic Sans MS,…)

* fix: Related Modul Acounts and Contacts was added in Trouble Ticket Module

* fix: Leads salutation added

* fix: mpdf style rgb() for color definition

**************************************** 12.5.2011 – 1.29 ****************************************

* Apply button was added, save template and remains in Edit mode

* Contact image variable, included the photo from the Contact Photo (image).

* added new variables to Company and User information field

* Edit Template before Export to PDF for overwritable templates for business letters

* added new Descriptions field, which is compatible with PDF Configurator extension

* bugs fixed (active/inactive, page break)

**************************************** 22.03.2011 – 1.28 ****************************************

* standard upper menu was added to PDF Maker module

* templates export and import possibility

* active / inactive template setting for user

* default template setting for user

* multiselectbox support

* minor bugs fixed

**************************************** 31.1.2011 – 1.27 ****************************************

* mass export to pdf from listview

* minor bugs fixed

****************************************05.01.2011 – 1.26 ****************************************

* vtiger permissions support for PDF Maker

* mpdf v.5 => encoding setting removed

* custom filename setting

**************************************** 1.25 ****************************************

* added custom functions

* Workflow management

**************************************** 1.24 ****************************************

* reactivate button added for reactivation PDF Maker license in case some problem with license key occures while generating PDF files

* function eval bug fixed

* show header and subtotal after product page break

* show product images in product block

* added new field in each module Record ID which represents crmid of the module

**************************************** 1.23 ****************************************

* functionality of adding product page break

* minor bugs

**************************************** 1.22 ****************************************

* testing if fopen is enabled else testing cURL

* added brazilian/portuguese language file for PDFMaker

**************************************** 1.21 ****************************************

* sorting in listview

* checking if there is at least one template selected in detailview

* mb_string check

* saving PDF as an entity of Documents module

* InvetoryPDF as an object

* some items from product block selectbox were renamed, reordered and some were deleted

* multi terms and conditions support

* trouble tickets and faq comments

* module Document enabled

* added german language file for PDFMaker

* added mexican language file for PDFMaker

**************************************** 1.20 ****************************************

* new script for html to pdf generation – mPDF

* compatibility with CKEditor

* new fields in header, footer

* layout of editview of template

* functionality of merging two or more templates into one pdf file

* chmod during the installation is disabled

* insert barcode into template

* functionality of preddefined email addresses in module Accounts

* selectbox of encoding in Settings

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