Quick Search for Vtiger 7


A very useful utility that helps you search your record in Vtiger 7.x. Quick Search is improved searching tool that allows you to seek records, in whole Vtiger and set on which fields you want to search.

  • The default setting of fields to search are fields of “All filter” for the module
  • Every user have option to define searching on specific fields for each module
  • Option to turn on/turn off searching for each module also in Emails
  • Results are shown in div window
  • Installation via Module Manager
  • Supported all standard and custom modules
  • Option for each user have own fields in the Quick Search

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4.Work area

After installing the Quick Search you can notice a difference in searching option as follows:

Default Vtiger 7.x search

Default Vtiger 7.x search window

After installing Quick Search

Quick Search window after installation

In the Quick Search window you are able to choose module in which you want to search records.

Quick Search window, modules pick list

 Note: This search window is accessible from dashboard and also from all modules and its set as default now. It’s basically always on screen so you can search records any time you need, without moving on the dashboard or doing additional steps.

Settings work area

Second work area are the settings.
To access Quick Search please go to Settings –> CRM Settings –> Other Settings –> Quick Search 4 You

  • Module – list of modules for which you can set fields, which will be used to search records
  • Actions – turn on if you want search records in these fields or turn off to deactivate searching in these fields for the current module
  • Fields which are considered in a Quick Search – choose the fields which will be used for search

Qucik Search second work area – Settings

 Note: There is no  button. If under Actions you choose to turn on or turn off fields for current module options are automatically saved and you can see the following message:

Settings are saved successfully

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Settings for Quick Search can be found in the actual module view via  button.

Quick Search – Settings

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6.1.License Settings

To open License settings part please click on Customize icon  –> License settings in Settings of Quick Search.

License settings for Quick Search

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6.1.1.Deactivate license

If you want to deactivate your license please provide following step:

  1. Click on button 

    Deactivate license of Quick Search

  2. Confirm deactivation using  button
    Deactivate license of Dynamic Fields

    Deactivate license of Quick Search

After deactivation of license, Quick Search doesn’t work at all and work area / settings are not accessible either.

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6.1.2.Reactivate license

In case that some problem occurs with license key (moving, copying, migrating, changing Company info) you need to reactivate your license key.

To reactivate license key please provide following steps:

  1. Click on 

    Reactivate license of Quick Search

  2. Confirm with 

    Reactivate license of Quick Search

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6.2.How to update Quick Search

The upgrade of Quick Search is initiated in the same way as installation or click on Upgrade in Settings of Quick Search. So please refer to above installation part for details how to initiate the import of the module from the file.

Upgrade of Quick Search

Upgrade of Quick Search

As you can be seen on the Picture below you will be notified that the Quick Search module already exists. Confirm License agreement and upgrade will start immediately when you click on the  button.

Upgrade of Quick Search

After upgrade the notification about successful upgrade is shown.

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There is also available option to remove Quick Search from your Vtiger. To uninstall please provide following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of Quick Search (Settings –> Other Settings –> Quick Search) and click on Customize Icon  and choose Unistall.

    Quick Search Unistall

  2. Click on  button.

    Quick Search Unistall

  3. Confirm uninstall with  button.

Now, Quick Search is removed from your Vtiger and your license is deactivated. To use Quick Search again, you need to provide installation and validation steps (see chapter 2. How to install Quick Search).

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7.Change Log

  • Check latest versions available and fixes applied
  • What was changed/added to manual
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