Picklist Restriction extension for Vtiger CRM

Define picklist restrictions in your CRM system in few clicks

Extension with easy navigation and usage created to fulfill your requirements

Picklist Restriction features

  • Configure allowed values for picklist fields
  • Fast installation
  • Easy usage
  • Quick results
  • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatible
  • Included in our packages: Mini, Extended, All Access
Picklist Restriction extension for Vtiger CRM

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Installation & Usage

Installation & Validation is via our Free Extension Installer

For detailed guide how to validate and install our modules visit guide below:

Applies for Vtiger 6.x too

CRM administrator/user can configure following setting:

  • Select Module – select module to setup picklist restrictions
  • Select Picklist in “module name” available picklist for chosen module will be displayed here, after selecting picklist you are allowed to configure values
  • If you finish the installation of Picklist Restriction extension, you are able to access the settings as admin or user and set picklist restrictions for all users in your CRM system
  • First, choose a module and then available picklist which will be configured
  • For example, choose module Invoice and select available picklist Status, next you can see the available values for the picklist you selected. Next you can define if the Invoice is Created, then you will be able to choose just values like Cancel, Approved, Sent, Paid in Edit view of Invoice
  • When you go to Invoice which have already status Created you can see available values you configured via Picklist Restriction extension
    Before configuration
    Picklist Restriction extension for Vtiger Before configuration

    After configuration
    Picklist Restriction extension for Vtiger After configuration
     You can see the whole process in the “Video tab”
  • 02 September 2020: 4.2
    • fixed issue where in some random cases the picklist restrictions were not applied properly
    • minor bug fixes
  • 25 February 2020: 4.1
    • fixed issue where using other languages than English caused error when during saving
  • January 2020: 4.0
    • new validation system via our FREE extension Installer
  • April 2019: 600.700.1.3
    • Google Chrome browser compatibility issues fixed
  • March 2019: 600.700.1.2
    • fixed issues with java-script errors
    • fixed issue where current version was not showing properly
    • minor bug fixes
  • March 2019: 600.700.1.1
    • release for Vtiger 6.x
    • same installation package for Vtiger 7.x & Vtiger 6.x
    • updated licensing
  • March 2019: 700.0.1
    • release for Vtiger 7.x

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