Vtiger and Google Calendar Sync

Useful plugin that allows you to synchronize your Vtiger and Google Calendar

Synchronization is with cron fully automatized and secured.

Option to map each Activity type

The main advantage is option to map each Activity type (also custom) to different Google Calendar.

Map Meeting into first Google Calendar called Meeting, Call into second Calendar called Call and Mobile Call into next Google Calendar called Mobile Call.

Do you have Meeting? Create record in Meeting Google Calendar and in Vtiger your Event has Activity type Meeting.
Do you have Call? Create record with Call Activity type and you will see record in Call Google Calendar.

Synchronization is

Synchronization is automatically and regularly executed by Cron.
Forget about the need to synchronize manually after each record creation or change.

All features of
Vtiger CRM and Google Calendar Sync

  • Each Activity type can be synchronized into own Calendar
  • Save your time – Automatic synchronization by Cron
  • Choose direction of Sync like you need – One-way or Bidirectional
  • Safe synchronization
  • Each creation, modification or deletion in Vtiger or Google is synchronized
  • Records from Vtiger are synchronized immediately
Features of Vtiger CRM and Google Calendar Synchronization

Price of Google Calendar Synchronize

1 User

1,58 € User/Month
15 min Support Credit
for isssue with Google Sync

5 Users

1,33 € User/Month
45 min Support Credit
for isssue with Google Sync

10 Users

1,17 € User/Month
75 min Support Credit
for isssue with Google Sync

20 Users

1,00 € User/Month
150 min Support Credit
for isssue with Google Sync

50 Users

0,83 € User/Month
225 min Support Credit
for isssue with Google Sync

100 Users

0,67 € User/Month
300 min Support Credit
for isssue with Google Sync

With membership/subscription you will have access to latest versions of extension for Vtiger version 7.x ( and higher). Google Calendar Synchronize stop working and synchronizing if you do not renew subscription. Duration of subscription is 1 Year.

Google Calendar Synchronize in our Extension Packages

By purchasing or renewing our Extension Packages, you automatically get Google Calendar sync with the given license for a certain number of users shown in the table below.

Mini Package

199One time fee
1 G-sync user included
20+ Extensions

Extended Package

299One time fee
3 G-sync users included
35+ Extensions

All Access Package

499One time fee
5 G-sync users included
All Extensions

Very well documented

Find manual for version of vtiger that you need

its4you extensions manuals

Dear Vtiger Community, we now also support Vtiger 8.1 version. The list of supported extensions can be checked via More info button.