Tooltip Manager extension for Vtiger CRM

Display helpful field tooltips on Vtiger record views

Tooltip Manager for Vtiger CRM

Add additional information using a tooltip to fields that may be unclear to your CRM users

Tooltip Manager features

  • Supports all Standard & Custom modules
  • Compatible with Detail, Summary, Edit & Quick Create views
  • Easy to configure, allows to specify a tooltip for every field
  • The tooltip icon shown near each field with on-click action for preview
  • HTML (CKEditor) supported
  • Easy installation & usage
  • Vtiger 7.x compatibility
  • Included in our packages: Starter, Mini, Extended, All Access
Tooltip for Vtiger CRM features

Start using Tooltip Manager now!

How to access Tooltip Manager?

  • First, go to the Settings of Tooltip Manager.
  • Navigate to CRM Settings – Other Settings – Tooltip Manager.
  • In the Settings/Setup screen you are able to create tooltips.
Tooltip Manager for Vtiger CRM

Create tooltips for modules and their fields

Tooltips can be created even for custom modules & fields.

Creating tooltip:

  1. Select the module.
  2. Hover your mouse over any field you want.
  3. Click on the symbol.
  4. Add text for a tooltip.
  5. Save the tooltip.

The tooltip has been created, now you can see it near selected fields.

View created tooltips

Tooltips   symbol is shown near each field.

  • By clicking on the symbol the tooltip will be displayed.
  • Clicking on the symbol again, the tooltip will disappear.
  • You can display multiple tooltips at once.

Installation & Validation is via our Free Extension Installer

For detailed guide how to validate and install our modules visit guide below:

Try Tooltip Manager via our Extension Packages Trial (14 days)

(included in Starter, Mini, Extended and All Access packages)

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