Warehouses extension for Vtiger CRM

Do you want to be able create a Delivery Note, Issue Cards or Receipt Cards and even more in Vtiger? The answer is Warehouses extension

Warehouses for Vtiger

Manage unlimited count of Warehouses with products & services

Warehouses features

  • Manage your warehouses
  • Unlimited number of warehouses
  • Monitor the movement of products between warehouses
  • Unlimited count of products & services
  • Useful sub-modules included:
    • Warehouse transfers
    • WH Delivery notes
    • Receipt cards
    • Issue cards
    • Incoming products
    • Outgoing products
  • Compatible with PDF Maker & Email Maker
  • Easy installation & usage
  • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatible
  • Included in our package: All Access
Warehouses for Vtiger CRM

⚠️ Note: Installing Warehouses will overwrite the already installed Delivery Notes (if installed) to WH Delivery Notes.   ⚠️
Uninstalling Warehouses will also uninstall Delivery Notes module.

Start using Warehouses now!

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Warehouse Management

With our Extension you can create unlimited warehouses

You can perform many operations with Warehouses module like:

  • Add products to warehouses
  • Transfer products between warehouses
  • Preview and manage records from related modules
  • Allow to have a negative quantity of products in warehouses
  • Define the fields based on your needs or create new custom fields
  • Define own Numbering for each warehouse
  • Use feature to Recalculate Warehouses quantity within 2 clicks

Adding products to the Warehouse

For adding products to the warehouse we recommend a Receipt Card

Is your warehouse empty and you need to add products? No problem.
Simply go to Receipt Card module and create a new Receipt Card.

When creating a Receipt Card you have options to:

  • Select Date of receipt
  • To which warehouses you want receipt/add products
  • Assign Receipt card to Vendor, Organization or Contact name etc.,
  • Fill up the carrier tracking information if needed
  • Assign the Receipt card to Purchase, Sales Order and Invoice
  • Pick any items you have available via Item Details block

If a Receipt Card is created, you can receive, return the products or cancel the Receipt Card.

 Note: Creating Warehouse transfer will automatically create a Receipt Card.

Vtiger Warehouse transfers

Transfer products between Warehouses

Do you need to move products from one warehouse to another?

Solution is module Warehouse Transfer

When creating a warehouse transfer, simply select from which warehouse to which you want to move the products.

  • Products quantity of Warehouse transfer is deducted from submission Warehouse
  • After acknowledging receipt of the products, the quantity of products is added to the destination warehouse
  • The number of products in the source warehouse is displayed after selecting the product in the item details block
  • The Due Date field is mandatory in order to transfer products

As already mentioned above, when creating a WH Transfer, a Receipt Card is also created.

Actions block of Warehouses

Warehouses actions block you can find in detail view of Invoice, Sales Order, Purchase Order and Delivery Notes modules.

If there is an option to provide any action with your records mentioned above, then you can see in WH actions block  as well as  buttons.

WH actions block, allows you to provide operations like:

  • Order products
  • Deliver products (Delivery Note)
  • Receive products (Receipt Card)
  • Create Invoices

In WH actions block, you can see status itself and the numbers of each status.
This number does not mean how many products are in this status.
It means which products (entity) are in this status.

On the other hand, if there is no option to provide any actions there is only  button where you can find information about your INV, SO, PO or DN.

Very well documented

Find manual for version of Vtiger that you need:

ITS4YOU Manuals and Documentation

Try Warehouses via our Extension Packages Trial (14 days)

(included in All Access package)

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