Cashflow (payment) extension for Vtiger CRM

the module helps you to register your incoming or outgoing payments and associate that payment with other entities in the Vtiger CRM Open Source

The extension allows you to track incoming payments that we will receive from customers or will have to make in the future. So it is easy to create a Report or Custom view on a payments forecast for incoming or outgoing payment made by our company. It enables you to define payments for some categories like (goods, services…)

Cashflow4You extension features

    • Track partial incoming and outgoing payment
    • Different color for incoming and outgoing payment amount
    • Balance amount is automatically calculated
    • If balance is null, then Invoice is updated automatically to Paid
    • Reference of payments made on SO, PO or Invoice is showed in “More Information”
    • Relation of payments to Organisation or Vendor is showed in “More Information”
    • Total and Pending Payment control
    • Support relation to Document
    • One payment made against various invoices
    • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatible
    • Included in our packages: Mini, Extended and All Access

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Very well documented

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