Multi SMTP extension for Vtiger CRM

Improve email delivery with flexible SMTP configuration options. Easily set up one or more outgoing email servers per user for reliable message delivery

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Moreover, our Multi SMTP extension allows users to conveniently send emails from multiple addresses

Multi SMTP features

  • Allows each user to have it’s own outgoing email server
  • Allows Admin to configure email servers for all users
  • Make the SMTP public to all users
  • Compatible with Multi Company
  • Compatible with Email marketing
  • Compatible with PDF Maker and EMAIL Maker
  • Advanced Settings like Mailer type or Encoding Password
  • Easy installation & usage
  • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatible
  • Included in our package: All Access

Multi SMTP is only compatible with our Extensions

multismtp vtiger 7 crm

Start using Multi SMTP now!

Create new SMTP/s

Multi SMTP for Vtiger CRM provides the flexibility to create an unlimited number of SMTP configurations according to your requirements.

  • Certain fields are mandatory and must be filled to create a new SMTP.
  • The creation/edit window has a user-friendly layout that can be understood within seconds.

Utilization of Multi SMTP

This extension seamlessly integrates with our range of compatible ITS4You extensions.

  • When sending emails, working with campaigns, and performing other tasks, users have the ability to define SMTP settings. In most cases, this process is straightforward, with users simply selecting the desired From Name and From Email for specific actions.
  • The From Email and From Name fields are automatically populated with values from the SMTP configuration, including the associated email address and name for the selected SMTP.
usage of multi smtp
management of multi smtp vtiger crm

Management of Multi SMTP

In the list view of Multi SMTP, users have the capability to execute multiple Actions.

  • Through the Actions icons, users can perform a range of actions including creating a new SMTP, editing and previewing existing SMTPs, as well as deleting SMTPs.
  • Accessing the Multi SMTP settings can be accessed via the list view    button.

The main goal is to provide a concise overview of all existing SMTP configurations and enable efficient management of them.

Extensions compatibility

Some of our Extensions are compatible with Multi SMTP.

Below we will explain the use of each extension.
(To access detailed information, click on the extension name and navigate to the manual.)

  • PDF Maker – when using the Send Email function to send emails, PDF Maker offers the ability to utilize SMTP. You can choose between the standard default Emails or use your own SMTPs for the From Email.
  • EMAIL Maker – everything else remains the same as in PDF Maker, with the only difference being that we are sending emails via  button in the Detail view or via Actions in the List view.
  • Multi Company – during setting up an SMTP, users can choose to select the pre-existing Multi-Company and specific users for configuration.
  • Email Marketing – in the first step of creating a campaign, users have the option to select the desired SMTP and utilize the From Email and From Name associated with the chosen SMTP configuration.
smtp compatibility with extensions

Very well documented

Find manual for version of Vtiger that you need:

ITS4YOU Manuals and Documentation

Try Multi SMTP via our Extension Packages Trial (14 days)

(included in All Access package)

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