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Dear Vtiger community,

many of you asked about our Extension Packages and possibility to try them.

We decided to add Trial licenses, which can be obtained via our Installer Free Module for 14 days.

  • For Trial License you need to have registered account with us – Login to Shop.
    (If you still don’t have an account, you can Register Now)
  • Next, you will be needed to install our Installer Free Extension.
    (More detailed information and guide for Installer)
  • Trial license will be valid for 14 days, after this period of time, our modules will be deactivated and you will be not able to use them.

How to activate Trial License

In order to activate and use license for Extension Packages, you need to follow few simple steps:

  1. As mentioned before make sure you have registered account with us.
  2. Have installed our Free extension Installer.
  3. Log-in with your account via Installer login button
  4. After log-in please click on the Modules Shop tab on Installer screen
  5. Choose which package you want to try and click on  button.
    (screen will load for few seconds and your license key will be generated)
  6. Click on button and your license key is Activated for 14 days.

After validation of trial license key it should look like shown on the image below:

 In the Activated Licenses tab you can see the following information:

  • License key – your generated trial license key
  • License name – name of the package which you selected
  • Support End Date – showing you information when your license key will expire
  • Type – trial or full (when you purchased license)
  • Action – you can buy a license if you like our trial or deactivate license
    – showing how long the trial license will be active

⚠️ Note: Trial Licenses are available in Installer from version 0.13 and higher ⚠️

⚠️ Note: Vtiger 6.x trial is limited, you can only use these extensions, which have version 4.0 or higher  ⚠️
Frequently asked questions

My button is shown like this , what to do?

If you see a button in grey color, means you need to log-in to Installer. Simply click on the grey button and log-in window will appear.

What will happen after 14 days?

Your trial license key will be no longer active and you can’t use our extensions anymore until you purchase a full license key.

What if I want to switch from Trial to Full license after few days?

Sure, you can do that. Simply buy a new full license key for any package you like via “Buy” button or via our E-Shop. If you purchased a full license key, you will get new key.
Old trial license key can be deactivated and then just enter new Full license key via button.

I still don’t see modules available after license key activation, what now?

If your license key is active and you still don’t see modules below Modules Tab, please try clicking on the button.

Can I have activate license key on multiple domains?

No, your trial license key can be activated on just one domain where are you logged in.

Can I have a trial license key for single products? for example, just Reports?

Trial license key can be used just for our packages, for example, if you want to try Reports, you have to get trial for All Access Package.
List of extensions included in our packages.

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