Vtiger Customization

Customize and configure Vtiger CRM to meet your specific business needs

Vtiger CRM Implementation & Customization

IT-Solutions4You is a Vtiger CRM Development Company which provide flexible extensibility through our Vtiger customization services. We can add the custom functionality in different modules to suit your business needs and automate the business tasks. Our professional Vtiger developer team is also capable to develop new modules as per your business requirement. We have introduced many popular Vtiger CRM add-ons, extensions and modules . These have been approved by Vtiger marketplace too.

Vtiger module development

Create custom modules, fields, layouts and relationships with other modules to meet your business needs. All of these without overwriting source code and full compatible with Vtiger CRM Open Source. Vtiger CRM Administrators can customise new created modules like Vtiger standards modules.

Vtiger Customer Portal

We can setup your Vtiger CRM Customer Portal to help you manage your customer support including support staff, creating tickets, private notes, autoresponse, attachments, replies, etc.

Code customizations

Based on your unique requirements, we implement a high-end Vtiger CRM solution that automates mundane tasks and handles client data efficiently. You can have Vtiger CRM customization done through professionals like us who can deliver on time, and also are ready to answer your queries

Vtiger Web Service API integration

Web based form and integration of other software will be integrated within the Vtiger CRM (REST & SOAP) solution to automatically update the relevant records. Developer teams can seamlessly consume and expose them without having to overwrite Vtiger source code

Vtiger Workflow and Sales Automation

We can help you improve and automate your sales process for increased sales efficiency. However, we do that by understanding your sales process, suggesting improvements, and customizing your selected CRM platform as per your desired/improved sales process needs. This helps you use your CRM platform to the best

Reports and Dashboards Customization

Customized reports provide a more effective way to view your business’s health and track performance. We are working with your team to determine your specific needs and create custom reporting solutions for your organization