Kanban View for Vtiger CRM

Drag & Drop functionality makes your Vtiger more transparent

Kanban for Vtiger CRM

The Kanban View displays records in movable cards with the option to change value from one into the other

Kanban View for Vtiger Features

  • Show your List view in Kanban View
  • Drag and Drop to update
  • Display updates via Quick View button
  • Edit records via Edit button directly from Kanban
  • Supports switching between lists
  • Supports standard & custom filters
  • Quick Filters, show records by assignment
  • Header fields are displayed
  • Displaying user photograph according to assigned users
  • Supported undercoloring values ​​according to Picklist settings
  • Compatible standard & modules
  • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatible
  • Included in our packages: Mini, Extended, All Access
Kanban view for Vtiger CRM features

Start using Kanban View now!

Preview of Kanban View

Here are some examples of how you can use the Kanban View for Vtiger CRM.
Changing picklist values ​​is done by capturing and moving records to other values (drag & drop).
There are many ways to use the Kanban view, it’s up to you which modules and pick list values ​​you choose.

Accessibility and Interface of Kanban View

After successfully installing the Kanban VIew extension, you can go to the settings via:

  • Menu – Settings – CRM Settings – Other Settings – Kanban View 4 You

After clicking on Kanban View 4 You, you will see an extension interface where you can create Kanban View for CRM modules.

  • All Standard & Custom modules are supported as long they contains Picklists with values
Kanban View for Vtiger CRM interface
Kanban View for Vtiger CRM Settings

How to set up Kanban View for modules

Setup of Kanban is easy and require just few steps:

  1. In Kanban View interface, click on 
  2. Select the module you want
  3. Select the picklist for the module you want to update
  4. Assign values to the picklist
    (You don’t have to choose all values, it’s up to you which you select)
  5. Click on button

Now the Kanban View is allowed for your module.

How to open Kanban View and how it works

After setting the Kanban for a specific module, you can go to the module and select Kanban View via the list view button “More”.
Kanban View is now displayed.
Now, you can Drag & Drop your records across selected values.
(The process is shown in the image below)

Kanban View for Vtiger CRM preview

Additional features of Kanban View for Vtiger CRM

The basics of using Kanban View have been explained above.
But our extension has other features that you can use, namely:

Undercoloring of Picklist Values

We believe you noticed in our previews that we have under colored values. How we did it?

  1. Go to the Module Picklist Values settings
  2. Settings can be found via:
    A) Menu – Settings – CRM Settings – Configuration -Picklist Field Values
    B) List view of any module, click on and select “Picklist Values”
  3. Next, select Module and Picklist
  4. Values are presented and you can change color by hovering mouse on the value and clicking on icon

Now the selected colors for values are also shown in the Kanban View.

Adding new fields into Kanban View

There is also an option to set, which fields will be presented on movable cards in Kanban View.

  • This can be done via feature in Vtiger CRM called, Module Layouts & Fields
  • If you mark field as “Header”: the field column is visible in the list view and also in the Kanban View

In order to perform this:

  1. Navigate to: Menu – Settings – CRM Settings – Module Management – Module Layouts & Fields
  2. Select Module you require
  3. Find a field and click on
  4. The field will now appear in Kanban View cards

You can also rearrange the fields position by moving the header fields to a higher / lower position in the settings.

Quick Filters to filter records

Another great feature is filtering the records assigned to a user or group.

  • Selecting a given user or group will only display the records associated with them
  • The selection of users or groups is displayed dynamically after clicking on the selected user or group
  • This feature can make your work easier if you need to change the values ​​of specific users and groups

Note: If there are no users or groups selected in the Quick Filter, then all records are presented.

Installation & Validation is via our Free Extension Installer

For detailed guide how to validate and install our modules visit guide below:

Try Kanban View via our Extension Packages Trial (14 days)

(included in Mini, Extended and All Access packages)