FREE Vtiger Extensions

Developed and designed for Vtiger Open Source by IT-Solutions4You

Our free Vtiger modules are designed to meet the needs of clients worldwide. Each Vtiger extension has own page which you can visit for more information by clicking on extension icon. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at:

FREE Vtiger extensions to download

All you need to do is Register to our e-shop
After registration you can see extensions on the right side under “Free Downloads”
* for installing extensions you can also use our Installer

PDF Maker Free

Free version of very popular Vtiger extension to generate PDF files

Outgoing Products

Reflects products that are in some Delivery Note but there are not delivered yet


Allows to you manage your CSS styles and assigned it to templates

Clear Campaigns

Helps you to remove records from already created campaigns within few clicks

Reset CP Password

Rereset and resend customer’s password immediately from your Vtiger

Process Flow

A useful Vtiger extension that allows you to manage your Vtiger processes

Picklist Import

This Vtiger extension allows you to import up to 500 picklist values at once

ITS4You Installer

Manage all IT-Solutions4You Vtiger extensions with one Installer


See who created the record in your Vtiger system by adding “Creator” field

How to download Vtiger extensions for Free

To download our free Vtiger extensions, please login into our E-shop.
If you are not registered please make registration.
After login you can see in Free Downloads section, option to download zip file to install into vtiger CRM.

Or use our Installer extension, more info: How to download and use Installer

Why do I need to make registration?
It is good for you because we will add more Vtiger extensions to download from our E-shop and also we can inform you about upgrades or some news about our extensions.

Installer extension for Vtiger CRM

Manage all our vtiger modules with one free extension!

With Installer you can log in to our e-shop and track all licenses and extensions on one screen

*after registration and login, you will see Installer available for download on the right side under Free Downloads section