PDF Signature extension for Vtiger CRM

Sign electronic PDF documents with a few clicks

PDF Signature for Vtiger CRM

Turn your potential customers into clients and close deals faster or send documents for signature. The possibilities are endless.

PDF Signature extension features

  • Electronic PDF signature for Vtiger
  • Sign directly in the Vtiger CRM
  • Send documents to sign to via Email
  • Review documents before signing
  • Define signature email messages and subjects
  • Print or Export signed PDF documents
  • Signed documents are assigned to the Vtiger record
  • Observe the details of the signatures in the Signature module
  • Define the size & position of the signature in the PDF Maker template
  • Supports all Standard & Custom modules
  • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatibility
  • Included in our packages: Extended and All Access

Works only with our PDF Maker


Start using PDF Signature now!

PDF Signature, before you start

PDF Signature works only with our PDF Maker, where signature variable is placed in to the template.

  • Variable $PDF_SIGNATURE$ can be placed anywhere in the PDF template.
    (variable can be found in PDF Maker template editor under Other Information tab).
  • You can define Width (px) and Height (px) of signature in PDF Maker template Settings.
  • A signature will be presented in every template exactly where you placed it.
  • The highlighted area indicates where the signature will be located.

You can see an example, in the pictures on the right: Preview & Template.

Sending a document for signature

Once you have created a PDF Maker template, you can start sending documents for signature.

How to send a document for signature:

  1. Open the record in Vtiger CRM.
    (In our example we will use Contact)
  2. Click on button and select “Send to Signature”.
  3. Next, you see list of templates where variable for signature was used.
    Select Language of template or under Actions you can preview the Document before sending it.
    Continue via button.
  4. Next window you can see recipeint and also you can add additional recipients.
    Continue via button.
  5. On last step, there is pre-definet Email Subject and Email message from PDF Signature Settings.
    (You can change it at any time in the settings or write the text you need)
  6. Click on button, now the email was sent to the recipient.

The email with the document to sign was sent to the recipient. He can now preview the document and sign it.

Reviewing and signing documents

When an email is sent for signature, the recipient can see the structure of the email as shown in the image on the right.

  • To review and sign documents, click on the: 
  • In the structure of email you can see also see:
    • Company Logo – set in Vtiger CRM.
    • Email message – defined in PDF Signature settings.
    • User name – the user who sends you document.
  • When you click on “Review Document” you can perform:
    • Review document (layout & key fields).
    • Sign document via  PDF Signature for Vtiger CRM
    • Save and Send email to the person who send you document for sign.

The signing process is shown in the image below.

PDF Signature for Vtiger CRM

Additional features of PDF Signature

The basics of using PDF Signature have been explained above.
But our extension has other features that you can use, namely:

Sign documents directly in Vtiger CRM.

Note: This feature was added in 4.3 version.

  • Now there is an option to sign documents directly in the CRM.
  • Simply go to the CRM record you need, for example Contact.
  • Click on the More and select Sign Document.
  • You can sign documents and then also the Save the signed document which will be assigned to the record under Documents.

Note: If you do not see Sign Document under More, please go to the PDF Maker template, Edit it and just Save it.
Sign Document should appear now in 

PDF Signature for Vtiger CRM

Send a signed document back to the sender.

  • When you sign the document, click the button
  • The sender, who sent you the document for signature will receive the signed document in an email.

Monitor the status of signed documents.

  • You can monitor the status of documents sent for signature in the Vtiger CRM system.
  • Simply go to the PDF Signature module via the Tools menu.
  • Each signature to be sent has its own record in which you can track the status.
  • You can also view the signed document in the Vtiger CRM system.
PDF Signature for Vtiger CRM
PDF Signature for Vtiger CRM

Possibility to set Email Subject and Email Message via settings

  • You can find this setting in the PDF Signature list view by clicking on “Customize” and “Settings”.
  • You can set the subject and email message for the email sent for signature and for the email that will be sent if the addressee sends the signed document to the sender.

Signature Acceptance feature

(this feature works only from PDF Maker version 4.49)

Find more about Acceptance Signature feature in PDF Maker Manual

  • Send documents that will be signed by both sides Sender and Recipient
  • Sender can use Acceptance Signature feature to accept the Recipient signed documents
  • Create your own Acceptance Signatures in the form of an image for easy signing
  • You no longer have to manually sign documents that take time
  • You can insert the Acceptance Signature anywhere in the PDF Maker template

Installation & Validation is via our Free Extension Installer

For detailed guide how to validate and install our modules visit guide below:

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