Membership benefits

  • Support of extension
  • Updates of extension
  • 1 Year duration

How much renew of my license costs within 90 days of expiration date?

29 €

What is Membership and how it works?

For all Vtiger 7. x extensions it’s required to have now installed our free extensions Installer to manage licenses.
(This applies for all extensions which have version 4.0 and higher, which included some Vtiger 6. x extensions too)

Main change:
Since Vtiger 6.x release, you will buy extension with 1 Year support and updates (License is still not time-limited. You can use your license as long as you need).

After 1 year you will have 3 options:

  1. Renew license key within 90 days of expiration date and save up to 70% off of the original price.
  2. You will use your license further, but some time later you decide that you need a renew. You can renew your updates and support to get a discount up to 30%.
  3. Use your license key of any extension/package further, but without updates and support.

 Using license key twice:
This license gives the holder right to install extensions on two domains for unlimited users.

Your main questions:

Why is membership good for me?
With membership you will have access to the latest versions of extensions for all Vtiger versions 6.x, 7.x (in future 8.x, and higher). One license key works for all versions of Vtiger. If you decide to upgrade your Vtiger you can use your license key without purchasing new key.

Vtiger 5.x is no longer supported and updated.

What happens if I don’t renew my membership?
Your extension will continue working without problems, but you won’t get support or updates.

I don’t see an option to upgrade my Extension Package (ex: from Mini to Extended), is it related to my Membership?
Yes, only licenses that have not expired can be upgraded. Expired licenses cannot be upgraded.
You can renew Membership and then proceed with the upgrading extension package.

How can I receive my discounted price?
Please login into your account. Then please open Licenses tab and you can see a list of your Licenses. You can see the upgrade/renew button near the licenses that you can upgrade/renew also with a discounted price.

If you do not see your discount, please write us to before payment.

How to receive the discounted price for a membership?

How to receive the discounted price for a membership?

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