Vtiger Extension Packages

Build your perfect CRM with our Extensions

by IT-Solutions4You

Over 13 years’ experience with Vtiger CRM Open Source,
we’ve created the perfect Extension Package plans for you.
Choose a package that suits your Budget and Needs.

Extend your Vtiger CRM system

Choose the plan which suits to you


0 € Start completely free

Everything needed to get started with Vtiger CRM and IT-Solutions4You!

  • PDF Maker Free, Styles 4 You, Reset CP Password
  • Clear Campaigns, Import Picklist Values, Creator
  • Slovak Language Pack, Czech Language Pack

Just register and enjoy


149 € 15+ Extensions

Collection of useful extensions for any Vtiger CRM user

  • Perfect for beginners
  • One time fee
  • 1'st year Support and Updates included
Save more then 60%

Total price for all extensions buying separately over 400 €

All Access

399 € All Extensions

Includes access to all current and the future extensions!

  • Access to all extensions
  • One time fee
  • 1'st year Support and Updates included
Save more then 80%

Total price for all extensions buying separately over 1500 €

⚠️ Vtiger 5.x is no longer covered under our support ⚠️

▼ For Google Calendar Sync read below ▼

Frequently asked questions

What happens if I do not renew my license?

If you decide to not renew license after one year, you may still use the extensions, but  you will not receive updates or support once the license key expires.

Can I purchase individual extensions?

Absolutely. If you don’t see a package that fits your needs, or perhaps you’d like to add specific extension to your Vtiger CRM system, you can purchase individual extensions that meet your needs. Visit our extensions catalogue.

What if, I have already installed your modules?

The already installed modules don’t need be removed from your system. After purchase the extensions package you will receive one license for our modules. Simply install the module you need and enter this license. (You can download installation .zip files for each module from our e-shop after login or use Installer)

Will I get automatically billed after one year?

The simple answer is NO. Buying packages is not a subscription where you add payment card and it will be automatically charged after one year. It’s just one time payment you pay.

I don’t see an option to upgrade my Extension Package (ex: from Mini to Extended), is it related to my Membership?

Yes, only licenses that have not expired can be upgraded. Expired licenses cannot be upgraded.
You can renew Membership and then proceed with the upgrading extension package.

Do I need Internet access in order to use your Packages/Extensions?

Yes, if you want to use our extension you require to have stable internet connection to validate and manage licenses and extensions.
If your server isn’t reachable from the Internet you can’t use our extensions.

Do I have to pay extra for support?

Extension support is included in all Packages. You may open a support ticket at any time. For Primary support please visit our Support website

How many times can I activate my license key on?

You can use a license on 2 installations at the same time (ONE productive and ONE develop Vvtiger CRM installation). If you want to change the urlof installation, please deactivate license first.

Google Calendar Sync with packages?

This extension is an “Integration” extension and it is NOT included in the packages, you have to buy it separately. The reason is that Integration Extensions are dependable on a 3rd party application. Such integrations require more development time, support and maintenance.

Can I upgrade packages?

Yes, definitely you can! If you have Mini Package, for example, you can upgrade to the Extended and then also to the All Access. You pay just the difference. No additional fees!

Can I have TRIAL license key for your Packages?

Definitely you can. Please visit our page for more info.

Can I become re-Seller or Partner?

Definitely you can. Please contact us via e-mail: info@its4you.sk for more information.

Installer for Vtiger CRM

Manage all our extensions with one free extension!

With Installer you can log in to our e-shop and track all licenses and extensions on one screen

*after registration and login, you will see Installer available for download on the right side under Free Downloads section

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