Convert Sales Order to Purchase Order for Vtiger CRM

This tool allows you to create Purchase Orders from Sales Order via Detail view

An extension which allows users of Vtiger CRM to work more effectively, save their time and improve usage of Vtiger CRM

Convert SO to PO features

  • Convert Sales Order to Purchase Order
  • For each Vendor separate Purchase order is created
  • Saving time for users of Vtiger CRM
  • Easy for usage
  • Vtiger 6.x / 7.x compatible
  • Included in our packages: Extended, All Access

Start using our extension now!

Installation & Usage

Installation & Validation is via our Free Extension Installer

For detailed guide how to validate and install our modules visit guide below:

*Applies for Vtiger 6.x too

If you finish the installation of our module Convert SO to PO, you are able to use the module and start converting in your Vtiger CRM system.
We will show you how to:
  1. Convert the Sales Order to Purchase Order
  2. Create Purchase Order for each Vendor separately
How to convert the Sales Order to Purchase Order:
  1. Open your Sales Order in Detail view.
  2. Via More” button, select option Convert to Purchase Order”.
  3. The pop-up window will appear, showing the List of products you have in your Sales Order and Quantity:
  4. Next, click on “Create Purchase Order(s)” and edit window for Purchase Order will appear.
    *Here you can see some fields were already filled, other fields are *Mandatory. Also you can edit fields here too like *Subject.
    Select *Vendor and *Status and proceed with “Save” button.
  5. When Purchase Order was created, you can see that it’s linked also to the previous Sales Order you converted it from:
How to create Purchase Order for each Vendor separately
  1. First, make sure you have created vendors in Vendors module.
  2. For example, we will be using 3 vendors (Vendor 1, Vendor 2, Vendor 3) for each product in our Sales Order so we have 3 products with 3 different vendors:
  3. Next when your products have assigned vendors, go to your Sales Order detail view and do the same as before, via “More” button select “Convert to Purchase Order”.
    The pop-up window will appear and you can see for each vendor there will be Purchase Order (3 total):
  4. After you click on “Create Purchase Order(s)”, you will see that Purchase Orders were created:
  5. Now you can see Purchase Orders in the actual module, or in the related list in Sales Order:

Convert the Sales Order to Purchase Order

Create Purchase Order for each Vendor separately

  • January 2020: 4.0
    • new validation system via our FREE extension Installer
  • July 2019: 600.700.1.2
    • minor bug fixes
  • June 2019: 600.700.1.1
    • minor bug fixes
    • fixed issue with languages
    • fixed issue with licensing
  • June 2019: 600.700.0.1
    • extension release
    • same installation package for Vtiger 7.x & Vtiger 6.x

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