Summary Widget Management extension for Vtiger CRM

Extensions which allow users to quickly create widgets in summary view and manage them

widgets for vtiger

Make the summary records look more fresh and include widgets you require!

Summary Widget Management features

  • Manage widgets within few clicks
  • Rearrange widgets in summary view of records
  • Add widgets or hide them
  • Select which type of records will be shown in widgets
    (from default or custom list views)
  • Choose fields & layouts which will be shown in the widget
  • Define custom names for newly created widgets
  • Compatibility with Field Mapping
  • All Standard & Custom modules are supported
  • Vtiger 7.x/8.x compatibility
  • Included in our packages: Extended, All Access

⚠️ Note: Widgets are created in the Summary view of the records, NOT on the Dashboard ⚠️

Start using Summary Widget now!

Installation & Usage

Installation & Validation is via our Free Extension Installer

For detailed guide how to validate and install our modules visit guide below:

When the Installation is finished, you are able to access installed module settings via menu:

  • Settings – CRM Settings – OTHER SETTINGS – Widget Management 4 You

How to create widgets for modules

  1. After accessing the module, on the right side of the screen, select the Module for which you want to create a widget.
    Note: Default Widgets, can’t be edited, you can only activate/deactivate them or move them.
    All modules which have summary view are supported.
    *(3) The number indicates how many widgets are in the module summary view.
  2. Next step is to add a widget, you can perform it via  button. It’s up to you where you want to create a widget, on the right side or on the left side. You can arrange it later.
  3. Pop-up screen (shown below) will appear with following required information to create a widget:
    Select Module – pick the module, from which records will be loaded in to the widget.
    Lists (click for more info) – select list, from which records will be loaded, you can have choose own lists or for default ones, for example: Invoice module, you can choose Open Invoices list.
    Label – represents the name of the widget which will be shown in summary view.
    Fields & Layouts – pick up the labels which will be shown in the widget.

  4. Confirm creating widget via button.
  5. Widget was created, now you have options like: Activate/Deactivate it, Move, Edit or Delete widget.

Arranging Widgets

When you created widgets, you can arrange them (move them) by clicking on the specific widget and drag him to the potion where you want it.

Resetitng widgets to default

  This feature was added in version 4.3 since 02 June 2020 so make sure your extension is up to date.

If you want to reset the widgets to default, you can do it via button found in the Widget Management near module selection.

See below:

Widget Management for Vtiger CRM- Reset to default feature

Widget Management is also compatible with our Field Mapping extension. What does that means?

When there is created a link/mapping via Field Mapping the Widget Management will contain a given button to create a relational record.

Created Field Mapping:

Created Field Mapping

Button to create related records in the widget:

button to create related records

  • 8 November 2022: 4.7
    • default Vtiger CRM widgets in the Widget Management are visible again and it is possible to re-organize them
      (the issue is related to outdated Vtiger SimpleHtmlDom, if users have our PDF Maker installed, the issue will be fixed for them within this version as we are using our SimpleHtmlDom instead of Vtiger)

— 2021 —

  • 31 March 2021: 4.6
    • Field Mapping compatibility

— 2020 —

  • 23 November 2020: 4.5
    • fixed issue where custom/my list records with filters/conditions were not loading in widgets
    • fixed alignment of currency fields in the widgets
  • 23 June 2020: 4.4
    • fixed issue where the detail view caused “loop” (long loading times) sometimes after changing widgets
  • 02 June 2020: 4.3
    • added option to reset the widgets to default via    button
    • fixed an issue where the field “Assigned to” was not displayed correctly if used when creating a new widget
  • 26 February 2020 – 3 March 2020: 4.1-4.2
    • minor bug fixes
  • 25 February 2020: 4.0
    • release for Vtiger 7.x version

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