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How to add custom or other field to Product popup?

Hi Guys,Few days ago, we received mail from one of our customer. He asked how to add custom field to Product popup. I will show you it:Hello its4you support team,I have no support with you booked, however I use your extension for vtiger very gladly. Unfortunately, I have a problem with Viter 7, where I can unfortunately find no solution to this. Perhaps you have a corresponding advice or advice available how I can solve that.My products are created with my own item numbers via a costumer field Ind my case $ product_cf_XYZ $. When creating an offer for example, I can not refer to my item number, because only the search for the VTiger product number is possible. Herefore, this...

Everyone is blogging. Why not IT-Solutions4You?

Dear our customers,Nowadays, almost everyone is blogging. In our Company, we were thinking how we can help our customers and bring always new info, tips, tricks or other useful ideas. So since now, we will publish, here in our new Blog, some customers requests, questions, customizations and also news about vtiger and our extensions.Probably, we won't be the most known Blogers but we are one of the most known 3rd part extensions publisher for vtiger and we'd like to help Vtiger's community growing up.We hope that everyone finds here what need.Your IT-Solutions4you team

Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.