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Separate Products & Services in PDF Maker

Dear community, are you working with PDF Maker some time and you still didn't figure out how to separate Products & Services in the product block table? You don't need to spend additional hours to figure out how it is working. It's really simple and after you finish reading this...

Maximize CKEditor edit window with one click on small screens

Do you have a small CK Edtitor screen and you want to make it bigger with one click? Follow our tip how to add  Maximize button to your Editor. ImplementationGo to folder: libraries/jquery/ckeditor and find file config.js We need to edit file config.js by removing maximize from the config.removePlugins line and put...

How to remove standard vtiger “Send Email with PDF” and “Export to PDF” from More button?

Hello dear our customers.Have you ever met with this situation?You or your company bought PDF Maker, create beautiful PDF template. Everything works like charm.But  some of your employes say you that they still export standard vtiger template?You know that they use standard vtiger Export to PDF from More button instead...

Dear Vtiger Community, most of all our extensions are compatible with Vtiger 8.0 version.


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