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Vtiger CRM 7.3.0 (Hotfix1) Released

Vtiger CRM 7.3.0 (Hotfix1) has been releasedAccording to the official announcement, a Hotfix1 of Vtiger CRM 7.3 version was released. Dear Developers, Vtiger 7.3.0 Hotfix1 is now available. Hotfix1 download Link; vtigercrm7.3.0-hotfix1.zip Those who already downloaded 7.3.0 just need to download this hotfix which contains only the changed files) Full download with Hotfix 1: 7.3.0 I have replaced the main download for 7.3.0 which includes the hotfix1 changes. So, those who download it now do not need to download the hotfix.This Hotfix addresses the following: Mass edit deleting the checkbox and reference field Calendar SendReminder throws fatal errorThanks to ruben.estrada and its4you for contributing the fix. Note: We recommend you to patch older version (refer commit-1 and commit-2 ) or migrate to...

Vtiger 7.3 Release and Extensions compatibility

Vtiger CRM 7.3 has been releasedAccording to the official announcement new version of a very popular CRM Open Source system was released. Dear Developer,We are glad to announce the Vtiger CRM 7.3 GA release with following notable enhancements and bug fixes. This release offers improvements in security, performance, usability and stability. 7.3 Summary:20 Security improvements - Ref 25 Enhancements - Ref 84 Bugs fixed - Ref 20 Usability improvements - Ref 3 Performance improvements - RefKey Enhancements:Support for Responsive layout to make it accessible from mobile browsers - Ref User level setting for default landing page - Ref Code made compatible for PHP 7.3 & later versions. We cleared the warnings by removing the signature mismatches, calls to deprecated...

Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.