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Vtiger Migration from 5.2 to 7.2 version

Vtiger migration - Initial phase Our customer created Free trial hosting to test how Vtiger 7 looks like. Then our guy contacted customer if there is any question about Vtiger or if needed any help. Customer answered Us that have some questions about functionality and our hosting. After some mails customer made decision that he want to migrate to Vtiger 7. First at all, our guy had to find out which version of Vtiger we are talking about and if there is any customization of Vtiger. Our customer did not have any customization just official Vtiger patches and some custom modules. Without customization it is a little easier but still it is demanding process. Our guy created Quotation of migration...

Download Vtiger CRM Open Source

How to download Vtiger CRM files Dear community, do you want to start with Vtiger system and you don't know where to download correct files? Or are you a Vtiger user already and you need to migrate or update your CRM system? In this article, I will tell you about How and where to download last version of Vtiger CRM. Please click on the button below and proceed to Download files from source forge page: Then, you will be redirected to the following screen where you need to choose which version you will be downloading.Vtiger Download Page Installation Steps After download you need to follow these instructions:Firstly, copy your download file in your root of web server path Secondly, extract the downloaded source file in your...

Separate Products & Services in PDF Maker

Dear community, are you working with PDF Maker some time and you still didn't figure out how to separate Products & Services in the product block table? You don't need to spend additional hours to figure out how it is working. It's really simple and after you finish reading this post you will be able to give better look to your templates in no time! Let's take closer look at our example, how to proceed. We will use the example with PC Hardware as a Products and Installation/Build of PC as a Service. Note this is just an example, you can use any products or services you need! The main key to this customization are variables used to start and end product block. These...

How do I login to my Vtiger files via FTPS

This article is primarily intended for customers using our hosting, but it can also be beneficial for people who are hosting another company. If you need to access your Vtiger CRM system files, just follow these steps:You will open WinSCP (or another client to remote folders) If you do not have WinSCP, there is download link: WinSCP Download Choose New Site (saved data if you have saved them before - in this case you can skip to a point 9) Choose FTP Choose TLS encryption Host name is url Fill User name (You will receive this information after prolonged hosting) Fill Password (You will receive this information after prolonged hosting) Click on Login Súbory nájdete v zložke "web"

Free plugins for your Vtiger

We published 3 Free plugins for Vtiger 7. Download and enjoy. Clear CampaignsDo you need to remove all Contacts from your Campaign? Do you need to remove all Leads from your Campaign? Do you need to remove all Organizations from your Campaign?Up to now you had 2 options: Remove all contact/leads/organizations one by one. Other option was delete your campaign and create new one. Today you find better option. Option to remove all records from your Contact List, Lead List or Organization List just in few simple steps. You find Clear Campaigns4You Reset Customer Portal Password Forgot your customer password for customer portal? Standard "Forgot Password?" in customer portal does not work correctly? Reset and resend customer's password immediately from your Vtiger CRM. Picklist Import Values Save your time with Picklist ImportSimply import...

Font Awesome for PDF Maker? No problem!

Did you ever make the template and in the end it was looking "boring" just with text and logo? You know there was something missing to make it more special and livelier. With our new feature Font Awesome for PDF Maker, you can use Icons and Social logos! It's simple and fast, all you need is to do few clicks in your template! Comparison: With Icons / Without Icons To get a Font Awesome for PDF Maker, you need Basic or PRO version & PDF Maker version 700.7.0 or higher for Vtiger 7 and version 600.19.0 or higher for Vtiger 6. Useful Links: Manual how to use Font Awesome If you still don't have the PDF Maker, you can visit our shop More about PDF Maker

Dear Vtiger Community, we now also support Vtiger 8.1 version. The list of supported extensions can be checked via More info button.