WooCommerce Vtiger Integration

ITS4You WooCommerce module allow you to connect eshop with CRM system and open new dimension of customer relationship management. Synchronization allows CRM to receive all Products, registered Customers and Orders. CRM also update the Orders stage in WooCommerce. All other synchronizations can be mapped after consultation by your needs.

WooCommerce Vtiger Synchronization

WooCommerce is the world’s most popular Open-source eCommerce solution. ITS4You WooCommerce module allows you to connect Eshop with Vtiger CRM system. The plugin supports two-way syncing and let you sync data from WooCommerce into Vtiger CRM and back automatically. Synchronization allows Vtiger CRM to receive all Products, registered Customers and Orders. Vtiger CRM also updates the Orders stage in WooCommerce automatically. All other synchronizations can be mapped after consultation on your needs.

Extension is currently in development phase. We have released a DEMO which you can check below the post. The Full version will be available during year 2023.

WooCommerce Vtiger Connector plugin features

  • Two-way syncing
  • Synchronize Customers from Woocommerce into Organizations in Vtiger
  • Synchronize Products from Woocommerce into Products in Vtiger
  • Synchronize Orders from Woocommerce into Sales Orders in Vtiger
  • Update Sales Order status from Vtiger CRM automatically into Woocommerce
  • 100% Secure connection between Vtiger CRM and Woocommerce
  • Easy to use
  • Vtiger 7.x compatible

How to connect WooCommerce to Vtiger

1. Install WooCommerce in your WordPress and enable Rest API by Creation of API Key

WooCommerce RestApi key for Vtiger sync

2. Build WooCommerce webhooks to sync with CRM.

WooCommerce Webhooks for Vtiger Integration

WooCommerce Webhooks for Vtiger Integration

3. Install ITS4You WooCommerce module in CRM.
Responsible synchronization Vtiger expert from ITS4You will map, initialize and activate synchronization process by your needs.

 More detailed manual and page will be released with Full version of the extension.

Interested in WooCommerce Vtiger Integration?

Try out our Demo:

Login to Vtiger:
User: woocommerceuser
Password: @fEq4T+4

Please note this is just a Demo and not a Full version, if you have any questions or you find any issues feel free to contact us!

Price for Full version of extension will be – 199 €

WooCommerce Vtiger Integration preview

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Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not fully supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.