April 2024 Vtiger Extensions News

Vtiger extensions April 2024 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, Welcome to our April 2024 Blog!

Welcome to our April 2024 blog update! We’re thrilled to share the latest developments with you, including exciting news about our newest features, enhancements, and fixes for our existing extensions.

  • resolved issues with Calendar Activities (Task,Event) related fields Start and End date + time, where only date was shown instead of Date and Time
  • fixed issues where Pay by Square function was not loading a QR code
  • fixed feature related to Email Maker: Default PDFMaker Template for EMAILMakerwhere default template of PDF Maker was not loading properly
  • fixed an issue where translated picklist values weren’t carried over to exports when the corresponding language was selected from the PDF Maker dropdown menu
  • corrected problem where when users created several Pre-Invoices from 1-Sales Order, after creating/generating the Invoice, the relation to Invoice was overwritten in all Pre-Invoices

What’s next?

We will continue to bring improvements and fixes for our extensions and also news about our new project Defalto.

More information will be shared in our blogs and pages, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.