Vtiger CRM 7.4.0 GA Release

Vtiger CRM 7.4 has been released

According to the official announcement new version 7.4 of a very popular CRM Open Source system was released.

Dear Developer,

We are glad to announce the Vtiger CRM 7.4.0 GA release with the following notable enhancements and bug fixes.
This release offers improvements in security, performance, usability and stability.

Key Enhancements:

  1. Import feature enhanced to support uitype4 fields in field mapping – Ref
  2. Secure login passwords – Ref
  3. Strong password regex has been centralized – Ref
  4. jQuery and dependent libraries (daterangepicker, jquery ui) upgraded to v2.2.4 – Ref
  5. log4php library upgraded to v2.3.0 – Ref
  6. Eliminate MySQL CAST on datetime columns when expected value type is datetime – Ref
  7. Optimization of record label computation – Ref
  8. Extend versioning support to all client side resources – Ref
  9. Admins can’t remove/edit Lists from Shared Lists – Ref
  10. Pre-Computation of username for better customization and performance – Ref
  11. Provide hooks to plugin custom connectors and avoid modification in core files – Ref
  12. Improved Mexican Language pack – Ref
  13. Enabled every 4 months frequency for Recurring Invoice service – Ref
  14. Enhanced transferRelatedRecords() api to handle new related fields and custom modules – Ref
  15. Calendar UI improved to handle mass select/de-select – Ref
  16. Webservice history api enhanced to support unlink relationship – Ref
  17. Comments in tickets module should be internal by default – Ref

Also 24 bugs are been addressed.

We would like to express our special thanks to all the Developers for their contributions through merge requests, validation, and valuable feedback.
Special thanks to the following members who actively participated in this release cycle.
  • Alan Lord
  • Its4you
  • Ruben Estrada
  • Martin Allen
  • Code80
  • Angelo.paglialonga
If you notice any issues, please report on code.vtiger.com by prefixing the title with 7.4.0
Thank you for your support.

Best Regards

Vtiger Team

IT-Solutions4 You Extensions Vtiger 7.4 compatibility

Q: What about your extensions? Can I run them on Vtiger 7.4 version yet?
A: Our extensions will be compatible in full within few a weeks, once we update them.

Q: How I know that the extensions I have installed from are compatible with Vtiger 7.4?
A: We will inform you via Facebook and also if your Vtiger has version 7.4, our modules will be available for installation/update in the Installer.

Also, our changelogs will be updated with this information for each extension.

For any questions – Please contact us.

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Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.