End of support for Vtiger 5.x and 6.x versions

Dear Vtiger community, after February 6, 2023, IT-Solutions4You has stopoed providing updates or technical support for Vtiger 5.x (coreBOS included) and 6.x versions.

We understand that this change can be frustrating for some users, but as these versions of the systems are outdated and work on older PHP versions, we can no longer provide full support and new extensions for these versions.
Fixing problems on these versions is often slow and does not bring the desired effect for our end users.

You still can perform an upgrades to 7.x versions or purchase new license keys found on our E-shop pages.

Q: I am running Vtiger 5.x and 6.x, what does it mean for me?
A: Your system may still run properly now, but once you encounter any issue we will be no longer able to provide support.

Q: Can I still get 6.x Extensions on my Vtiger even if you do not sell them anymore?
A: Yes, you can still get them via Installer if you have a valid license, but in case of any issues no support will be provided anymore.

Q: How can I upgrade to 7.x version?
A: Please login to our E-shop, go to Licenses, if your license is not expired you can perform and upgrade. If your license is expired, you can still renew it and purchase and upgrade.
(This may not apply for very old licenses)

Q: Why should I switch to Vtiger 7.x version?
A: We can provide you full and faster support, we are adding new features to our Extensions. Better and more user friendly system which is easier to work with.
(This may not apply for very old licenses)

For any questions – Please contact us.

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