GA release of Vtiger CRM 7.2.0

Vtiger CRM 7.2.0 GA has been released

According to official announcement new version of very popular CRM Open Source system was released.


Dear Developer,
We are happy to announce GA release of Vtiger CRM 7.2.0, In this release we have mainly focused on security, performance on which below noted are the high-lights.
  1. Data Integrity support through checkpermission api. Please do refer here for Documentation.
  2. File security through obscurity
  3. Barrier for SQL Injections through prepared queries.
  4. Open security and performance issues have been addressed
  5. Fix for 60+ high priority issues on Please check here.
We would like to express our special thanks to all the developers in community, Who kept us aware on security issues and sharing Merge requests.
You can download Vtiger Crm 7.2.0 from here :
On encountering any issues on source, Please do report here on by prefixing the title with 7.2.
Whole hearted welcome for your response.
Thanks! for all your support 🙂

Best Regards

Vtiger Team

All our Vtiger extensions are ready for 7.2 version.
For any questions or help upgrading – please contact us.

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