Vtiger CRM 7.5.0 GA Release

vtiger 7.5

Vtiger CRM 7.5.0 has been released

Dear community,

according to the official announcement new version Vtiger 7.5 of a very popular CRM Open Source has been released!

This release covers over 45+ issues and 30+ enhancements.
Also longly awaited support for PHP 8.x versions.

IT-Solutions team will now mainly focus to bring you all our Extensions for this Vtiger and PHP versions in short period of time.

Extensions will be published in this time interval and the next update will be possible via Installer.
When updating the extensions themselves, you will find all the changes in the changelogs.

In the post below you can find an Extensions list for currently supported modules which we will update frequently.

IT-Solutions4 You Extensions Vtiger 7.5 and PHP 8.x compatibility

Q: What about your extensions? Can I run them on Vtiger 7.5 now?
A: Our extensions will be compatible in 2-3 months from date 28.11, we will release extension in this period of time.
(This also depends how stable Vtiger 7.5 version will be as there are still some bugs which have to be sorted by Vtiger)

Q: How I know that the extensions I have installed will be compatible with Vtiger 7.5?
A: Our modules will be available for installation/update in the Installer. The changelog before installation will show you the info.

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Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not fully supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.