Google Calendar Synchronize added to Extension Packages

Enhance Your Productivity with Google Calendar Sync Now Included in our Extension Packages!

Welcome to our blog! We are excited to announce a significant update to our Extension Packages that will revolutionize how you manage your time and streamline your workflow. We have now integrated Google Calendar Sync into our Extension Packages, allowing you to effortlessly synchronize your tasks, events, and appointments Vtiger CRM and Google Calendar.

Introducing Google Calendar Sync

Google Calendar Sync seamlessly connects your Vtiger CRM calendar with your Google Calendar, ensuring that your schedule is always up to date, no matter where you access it. Synchronization is fully automated and secured with cron, while also offering the flexibility of manual initiation through a convenient button in the Vtiger Calendar.

Benefits of Google Calendar Sync

Some key benefits to highlight include:

  • Real-time Updates – with Google Calendar Sync, any changes made to your schedule in either your Vtiger Calendar or Google Calendar will be automaticaly reflected in both platforms. Say goodbye to manual updates and double bookings!
  • Option to map each Activity type – the main advantage is option to map each Activity type (also custom) to different Google Calendar.
  • Choose direction of Sync like you need – One-way or Bidirectional
  • Records from Vtiger are synchronized immediately

Extension Packages and Pricing

By purchasing or renewing our Extension Packages, you automatically get Google Calendar sync with the given parent (package) license for a certain number of users shown in the table below.

Mini Package

199One time fee
1 G-sync user included
20+ Extensions

Extended Package

299One time fee
3 G-sync users included
35+ Extensions

All Access Package

499One time fee
5 G-sync users included
All Extensions
Frequently asked questions

Q: For which Vtiger version is this available?
A: This Extension Packages and Google Sync combo is only for Vtiger 7.x versions.

Q: Can I purchase Extension Package and later buy a  single Google Sync license?
A: Yes, user count will be counted together so for example if you get Extended Package, along that you receive a parent license for 3 Google Sync users, you can later buy a single Google Sync license for 10 users, means at the end you will have the ability to activate Google Sync for 13 users.

Q: I have already purchased Extension Package in the past, can I get Google Sync now still?
A: You can get only Google Sync, when you Upgrade the License from one package to another or when you do renewal or upon purchase of a new license.

Q: Are there ani requirements I need to meet so it all works together fine?
A: Yes, Installer must be always up to date, the minimum version for this is a 0.43 version. Then also Google Calendar Sync version must be at least 4.2.

For any questions – Please contact us.

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