Vtiger 7.4 Migration

Dear vtiger community, we bring you information about Vtiger 7.4 migrations and our extensions.

Vtiger 7.4 Migration

Vtiger CRM 7.4 releasing soon

New version of Vtiger 7.4 is about to release soon. We want to provide you some information about the migrations and extensions compatibility.

We will try to answer some main questions from our community we received recently:

Q: Will you do a migrations? / Can you do a migration for us? 
A: Yes, we will still keep doing migrations and we can help you with it. Just contact us at info@its4you.sk

 Before migrations we suggest to backup your system incase of any issues.

Q: What kind of migrations you can do, can you do Vtiger migration 7.3 to 7.4 for me?
A: Sure, we can do it for you. We can also migrate from older versions to latest one.

Q: What is a cost and how much it will take to migrate the system?
A: This depends on many factors like, but mostly migration can be done within 2-3 working days. This still depends if you have any custom modules or if there will be any errors post migration or during migration. Sure, we are here to help you with all issues.

IT-Solutions4 You Extensions Vtiger 7.4 compatibility

Q: What about your extensions? Can I run them on Vtiger 7.4 version?
A: Yes! Our extensions  will be compatible in full, once we update them. We will be updating extensions after official release of Vtiger 7.4.

Q: How I know that the extensions I have installed from are compatible with Vtiger 7.4?
A: We will inform you via Facebook and also if your Vtiger has version 7.4, our modules will be available for installation/update in the Installer.

Also, our changelogs will be updated with this information for each extension.

Need help with Vtiger 7.4 migration?

For any questions or help upgrading – Please contact us.

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