Vtiger Extensions February 2022 News

Vtiger extensions February 2022 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, We are still trying to meet your requirements. This year we will focus mainly on improving and adding new features for our extensions. You can send any reasonable improvements and ideas to us by email info@it4you.sk

We try to analyze all your requirements and ideas as needed and, if possible, apply them to our extensions.

During February we brought you a couple of improvements for our extensions and also fixes that were reported by our customers.

Below you can see all the changes made in February.

  • Module requirements will no longer control if there is an existing link for templates without the module
  • Fonts showed in CK Editor while editing template, will be now also displayed when performing Edit and Export action
  • other minor bug fixes
  • List view block will now properly work if the template is re-edited
  • Multi-part emails now will be shown correctly
  • PDF Signature will no longer overwrite list view columns
  • signed Documents will be now properly assigned/linked and showed in the Contacts module
  • Picklist values will be no longer duplicated upon updating or updating Signature module
  • Bing maps will now show address properly and will no longer show any errors
  • Custom view access in Key Metrics has been fixed
  • selected fields will no longer cause issue when using a FR language
  • existing reports will be no longer removed from Dashboard when edited
  • Description fields will be now properly generated and no longer case issues like happened in some rare cases
  • improvement condition does not contain now display also null entries
  • Vtiger 6.x shared report with users does not display issue has been resolved
  • Warehouses:
    • uninstalling Warehouses will no longer remove vtiger_carrier_seq, vtiger_carrier tables from the database which are used for Purchase Orders​

    Warehouse Transfers:

    • when creating Receipt card, field Carrier will be now also transferred
    • other minor bug fixes
  • mass edit in the list view will work properly now and no longer cause blank page
  • mobile icon was added
  • other minor bug fixes
  • Pick lists line width, when creating or editing mappings was increased
  • more Relation fields now can be selected while creating field mapping
  • creating links/mapping using Calendar events will now work properly
    – users must edit or create new links for the changes to take effect
  • other minor bug fixes
  • Descriptions will no longer adding by itself the tags and creating huge spaces, for example before the tables
    (this issue appeared in some rare cases)
  • Mass Edit in list view will now work properly and no longer show a white screen
  • resolved issues related to Tax Mode, Individual taxes will be now saved correctly
  • Regions in Item Details block should now load and work as expected
  • other minor bug fixes
  • Calculate fields aftersave action will no longer remove products from Inventory modules
  • Payment Status picklist values order was changed to: Created – Waiting – Pending – Received – Paid
  • list view currency decimals preview was visibly improved
  • if a Payment Date is defined, the Status will automatically change to Paid if Due Date passes
  • in the list view Amount field values will be now properly under colored with Red or Green based on the type of Amount
  • Edit view Payment Amount will no longer cause issues with recalculating when multiple currencies are used
  • deleted related records to CashFlow as Invoice or Organization, will not cause a white screen anymore, but a message about the deleted record will be displayed instead
  • resolved issue with installing Languages, Install button will now work properly when clicked

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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