Vtiger Extensions October 2022 News

Vtiger extensions October 2022 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, we believe that the autumn weather does not affect your mood and that your work tempo is just as active as ours.
During October, we devoted ourselves to fixing our extensions issues, especially Email Marketing, which deserved the most improvements and fixes.

Check out all new features and changes done during October below:

  • Customer Portal was removed from the Extensions settings for PDF Maker as it is no longer supported
  • resolved compatibility issues with lower PHP versions
  • WAMP/ XAMPP compatibility issues with tracking emails
    required to set “$email_tracting = ‘No’;” forWAMP /  XAMPP users
  • WAMP/ XAMPP compatibility issues with tracking emails
    required to set “$email_tracting = ‘No’;” forWAMP /  XAMPP users
  • resolved issues related to the Second step during setup of the campaign when many list view caused CRM crash, Subscribers step now shows only 10 lists where more can be loaded via pages navigation button
  • resolved compatibility with older PHP versions which caused blank pages or not loading extension
  • selecting templates at step 3. Template now works properly
  • added “contains” condition for Multi picklist fields
  • fixed issue where Scheduling didn’t send all records in the .xls export file
  • fixed Matrix reports which were missing grouping totals values
  • resolved compatibility with older Vtiger versions which does not have updated jquerythat caused so the mouse signature did not work in some cases
  • Item descriptions will be now correctly transferring to Receipt cards from the Purchase Orders
  • added option to update prices of Products and Services in Prices Book via More button in the detail view of the Price Book record
  • added option to assign imported records to the specific users in the CRM via Assigned to fields
  • solved compatibility problems when inserting pick list values with diacritics
  • resolved issues related to Picklist duplicated values what caused extension to not work at all, if there will be a duplicated picklists only these picklists will not work
    (we do not recommend using Picklist duplicate values)
  • added module icon, version, links, requirements
  • other minor improvements

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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