Vtiger Extensions December 2021 News

Vtiger extensions December 2021 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, December blog about our improvements and fixes is available for you now.

Our last blog for year 2021 is here and you can check below all changes and fixes we have done during this month.

We hope that you will enter the new year 2022 in a positive mood in health and fully rested.

  • resolved issues with page break used in html code where it did not work properly when action Edit and then Save into Documents was used
    (just “#pagebreak#” variable should be used in the html code of the template instead of adding page breaks CSS or html into the “div” and similar)
  • problem where some users were unable to uninstall module in some rare cases was solved
  • deleted Products, will no longer cause errors when exporting .pdf files, also deleted Products stored in Recycle bin, will be still present with values in the template
    Below you can see how products will be shown in different cases:
    – not deleted: [name]
    – deleted products shown in the Recycle bin: [name]
    – deleted from Recycle bin: [delete message]
  • $C_USERS_USER_NAME$ variable is now working properly same as with other Names variables
  • PDF Edit and Export will no longer remove table headers, as well the File Name defined in template settings will now show properly
  • PDF Maker will no longer display an error if a record which is being exported contained the relational fields of the deleted related module
  • all recipients emails and names will be visible now when selecting them from the Related modules
  • Self Defines Labels, will no longer show VtError: Access denied when deleting them
  • Unsubscribe feature is working again properly. It will no longer show that the parameters are wrongly set
  • exported records from the Reports 4 You, will no longer causing issues when importing a records with date fields
  • Calendar Events records which had a default date value, will be no longer imported with year 1970
  • other minor bug fixes
  • the condition “current month” for module Calendar, will do a calculation properly now
  • resolved problem where false condition were not working in a Detail view when doing a “quick edit” for some fields
  • solved compatibility issues with EMAIL Maker
  • after clicking on Tooltip icon, the screen will be no longer scrolling on to top by itself
  • resolved issues and errors related to deactivation modules like Purchase Orders, Sales Orders Invoice, etc., if modules will be inactive error will not appear anymore
  • solved issues with post uninstalling where some handlers were still present in the system and were causing issues for the users
  • added icon for Mobile
  • added requirements link to the Settings
  • solved compatibility issues with our extensions in the combination when using picklist values

What's next?

We will bring you new extensions and projects during the year 2022. So stay tuned!

Our main goal is to focus on already existing extensions and bring new features to them.

We also plan to release 3-4 more new extensions along with very requested extension Multi SMTP for Vtiger CRM.
Follow or Social Media channels, our pages and blogs so you don’t miss any news!

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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