Vtiger Extensions June 2021 News

vtiger june news

Vtiger extensions June 2021 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, summer is here! So firstly we wish you a wonderful summer!

During the month of June, we brought you a few fixes for our modules, especially Reports 4 You and PDF Maker brought a lot of fixes. But also some of our other extensions have received a few improvements and fixes.

Also, we want to notify our community that yes, we are aware that Vtiger 7.4 is out now. However, our extensions are not supporting this version yet. We will bring Vtiger 7.4 compatibility soon. Most likely after summer holidays.

Down below you can see all new updates which were released during June 2021.

The June was again next big month for our Vtiger Reports extension.

Below you can check all issues we have resolved in the latest versions released in June.

  • improved the .csv file generation and sending via emails
  • fixed issue where summary values were not exported correctly into a .csv file
  • reports/graphs will be now correctly shown on the dashboard
  • fixed last month/next month intervals
  • fixed issue where calculations like Min, Max were also shown even if they were not checked in Calculation step
  • navigation between steps when creating report will not work correctly
  • other minor bugs have been fixed
Vtiger reports scheduler csv

Reports 4 You – enhanced scheduler step

Warehouses extension for Vtiger CRM is our biggest extension which has a lot of operations.

Since the release we are still trying to improve this extension and make it more user friendly.
During June we fixed some issues mentioned below:

  • the changes have been made for Receipt Cards where the Date of receipt is no longer mandatory field
  • improved the process creating Receipt Cards and Warehouse Transfers and their relations, now it will be more clear for users
  • ordering products will now load price from Product field Purchase Cost
  • Issue cards, return products operation will now properly create a Receipt Card, also the whole process was enhanced if you are returning a partial quantity
  • Receipt cards now fully support TAX regions

For PDF Maker we have enhanced using workflows in combination with Events and Tasks.
Also the related blocks of Calendar / Tickets for Calendar module were fixed.

See all changes and fixes for PDF Maker:

  • now you can use Tasks or Calendar templates when you are creating workflows for Events module
    – below you can see the action Send Email with PDF Maker attachments, where you can select Calendar template
    – workflow is being created for Events module

    creating event workflow with the calendar template pdf maker

    PDF Maker – creating Event workflow with Calendar template

  • related blocks for Calendar and Tickets module will be now properly generated when used in Contacts template
  • resolved problem where Send email with PDF attachment workflow action did not work, the reason was the users saw a deleted template and were able to load it, deleted templates will be no longer visible to choose them
  • fixed wrong label for the Calendar module template, where variable Related to was showing as LBL_RELATED_TO
  • other minor bug fixes

For Email Maker we have resolved following issues in the month June:

  • fixed issue where related blocks were not loading properly product image
  • fixed issue where recipients “TO” did not receive an image attachments, when “CC” recipient was filled
  • other minor bug fixes
  • fixed an error “Delivery Notes: Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file.” when opening Delivery Notes from related tabs of other Modules

Some users had issues when they used unsubscribe feature in Newsletter templates. This lead to the unsubscribe not work when recipients clicked on the unsubscribe link in the email body.

Reason was the missing “/” behind CRM site url domain in the confing.inc.php file. Some users encountered this problem so we resolved this.

  • resolved incompatibility with Multi Company extension
    – importing exported records will no longer cause problems with numbering and showing an error
  • exported number values into an .xls format will now have a correct format which can be used for Excel calculations
  • fixed issue where Vtiger Reports were showing some fields as zero


{“success”:false,”error”:{“code”:”Record you are trying to access is not found”,”message”:”Record you are trying to access is not found”,”title”:null}}

will be no longer shown after update or installation of Credit Notes.

Added new feature where the person who signed the document, will receive a signed document too.

During the last few months, we had many requests to enhance our Header Status Bar extension for Picklist Dependencies compatibility.

Now the extension is fully compatible with Picklist Dependencies in Vtiger CRM.

The Quick Reminder module is now private module. Reason is compatibility with Groups of users in Vtiger CRM.

Now you can assign reminders to the Groups too, where all users and roles in the group will receive a notification.

We have added to the Process Flow the possibility to use Lgged users in filters.

Process Flow - Logged in Users filter option

Process Flow – Logged in Users filter option

We have released a new Starter Package which includes these extensions:

The Starter Package was added to the Modules Shop tab in the Installer newest version from June.

What's next?

Gantt charts extension will be released during July/August.

Many other bug fixes will be prepared during July as well.

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

vtiger extensions news

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