Vtiger Extensions February 2021 News

Dear Vtiger community, we hope you are okay and the current corona situation is bypassing you for miles.
We are still working at IT-Solutions4You and trying to bring you new extensions and improvements along to fix existing problems.

The month of February brought us a few improvements, but also fixes for the bugs, our dear customers reported to us.
Please see all changes to our Vtiger extensions below:

The long-awaited extension of Warehouses is out!
The version for Vtiger 7.x compared to version 6.x has been improved and mainly brought better stock management in Vtiger.

Warehouses itself is like a bundle package as it includes other sub-extensions like:

  • Warehouse transfers
  • WH Delivery notes
  • Receipt cards
  • Issue cards
  • Incoming products
  • Outgoing products

More information about our newly released warehouses you can check on Warehouses Page.

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Same as in January,  also in February we had some minor bugs to fix for Hotel Booking extension:

  • We solved the bug which caused an error:
    DateTime:: __construct (): Failed to parse time string (2021-31-1) at position 6 (1): Unexpected character
    Hotel Booking record was not saved if the user had date format set to mm-dd-yyyy, users now can all date formats
  • Individual tax is now fully supported when used in the Item details block

Hotel Rooms:

  • Fixed issue where users were not able to create Service while creating or editing a Hotel Booking room

In March we plan to improve the Hotel Booking calendar view to be more user-friendly.
(Dates navigation panel, ability to see for which date you are creating a reservation if there is more rooms on the screen and header is not seen & more…)

One of our biggest extensions Reports 4 You has been enhanced by an installation process that has caused some users a problem installing highcarts due to bad folder permissions.

We added a notification when installing highcharts, so users can see where is the problem.
Here is a notification you get while installing highcharts and write permissions has to be corrected:

To fix this problem set the following permissions for folder highcharts:

Some other improvements and fixes were added:

  • Export of reports to PDF and XLS no longer causing messed up layout in exporting files
  • modComments query generation will no longer fail
  • Other minor bug fixes which will improve reporting

Tooltip extension will be now more user friendly when using it for the Calendar. Before when you tried to add tooltips for Events it did not work at all.

Now you can also configure tooltips and pick an Event from module lists.

vtiger create tooltip for events

Tooltip Manager – Events module

Thanks to our great customers, we fixed the reported errors as follows for Credit Note extension:

  • Added shipping and handling charges to Credit Note item details block same as it is in Invoice module
  • Credit Note had some missing relations so we added:
    – relation Credit Notes tab was added to Contacts module
    – same as above, but added to Organizations module
credit notes relation in organization vtiger

Credit Notes relation tab in Organizations module

Our Vtiger Email marketing extension has been optimized to not overwhelm the customer’s server, we also focused on fixing reported bugs.

  • Editing campaign will no longer add +4 hours when using scheduled sending after saving
  • Adding Contacts will no longer cause the layout to be wrongly displayed (extreme long columns)
  • Improved loading speed of subscribers lists
  • Unsubscribe feature will no longer create invalid links because of “/” after the base URL in config.inc.php
  • Fixed issue where some images did not load properly when emails were sent to the gmail users
  • Added variables from Email Marketing to the Newsletter
    (Newsletter 4.5 required)

We added a Multi Company compatibility and fixed some major problems for XLS Import extension:

  • When customers have set a custom numbering for Multi Company, XLS Import can handle this and Mutli Company numbering will be applied
    (Sure under condition that the record has to be assigned to correct user which has same role a Muti Company does)

    Multi Company vtiger crm

    Mutli Company and XLS Import numbering

  • In the same time we also fixed issue where upon importing records the numbering was not updated
  • Integer fields should be now correctly imported and not causing that imported value will be different that source values in .xls file

In the Multi Company Vtiger extension we fixed one important bug related to Documents module.

If the document was uploaded and assigned to the user which has the same role as the Multi Company, then the document was not assigned to the Multi Company at all.

The issue has been fixed and documents has been assigned correctly:

multi company for vtiger assigned documents

Multi Company – documents correctly assigned

We resolved few bugs and compatibility issues, if customers had installed custom modules:

  • Integration settings will now correctly showing a custom modules (only entiry modules are shown)
  • If the custom module is not an entity module, then the Quick reminder will no longer cause problems in the list view
  • When using Quick Search extension, no errors will be presented anymore

Our PDF Maker for Vtiger 6.x is now using Installer versions 3.0 and higher which means you have to validate license in Installer.

It is also compatible with our free Trial for 14 days feature, you can activate it if you wish to try our Vtiger Extensions for free.

The current version is 3.3 which include:

  • Fixed custom function its4you_NumberFormat where a thousand separators did not work (only PRO version for Custom Functions)
  • Added compatibility for upcoming PDF Signature for Vtiger 6.x

For customers with older versions of PDF Maker, we suggest to have our extension always up to date. As mentioned earlier, Installer is mandatory for latest versions.

Secondly as PDF Maker also the Dynamic Fields has been updated to the Installer version 3.0, which means you have to validate license in Installer.

(This mainly applies to new customers, but also current customers if they want to upgrade to higher latest version).

What's next?

We have in plan to release new Set Default Values extension, which will pre-fill fields based on conditions created in our free extension Process Flow. Secondly, in the plan is to release PDF Signature for Vtiger 6.x versions.

Some new enhancements will be added to the Mention Users like:

  • set language for incoming notification email based on CRM user language preference,
  • mention more users via a reply to the comment,
  • mention groups and roles.

Statement of Account will be extended by compatibility with PDF Maker where it will be possible to display statements in templates.

Also other of our Vtiger extensions will be improved like Email Marketing, Newsletter, PDF Maker.

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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