Vtiger Extensions January 2022 News

Vtiger extensions January 2022 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, It-Solutions4You would like to wish you a successful start to the New Year 2022.

Also this year we will bring you new blogs every month about our fixes and improvements for Extensions.

Below you can see all the changes made in January.

  • custom currency fields will be now properly loaded when used in Product Block
  • deactivating Create/Edit of templates in Profiles settings will be now also applied when doing action Edit and Export, so users will be no longer able to Edit templates via this action like before
  • fixed issue related to List view using action Send Email with Email Maker where some users encountered “Error” message
  • added new Workflow action: Send to Signature
  • added new status: Waiting for confirmation = waiting for confirmation to send or cancel the signature
  • when the user is trying to sign already deleted records in the CRM, the info message will appear now
  • the Workflow action Send to Signature will no longer change design of used PDF Maker and Email Maker templates
  • other minor bug fixes
  • compatibility with Tags was added
  • improved searching feature for Related Fields
  • resolved minor issues related to query in the database
  • other minor improvements and bug fixes
  • field Related to is now a mandatory field
  • Sorry! Attempt to access restricted file will no longer appear where working with Log Work Time extension
  • resolved issues related to Process Flow actions TRUE and FALSE where FALSE operations were not applied
  • number fields will be now properly working when using as conditions in Process Flow, for example Mobile Number, with the combination of List View colors
  • fixed issues related to PDF Signature extension where sign documents did not work properly
  • other minor improvements
  • after update of extension Changelog will appear, so you will not miss any info about the current version!
  • added new value error_reporting to the Requirements parameters
  • added option to scan subfolders for permissions in the Requirements section
  • fixed issue where Installer layout sometimes did not load properly
  • error IndexViewPreProcess CURRENT_USER_MODEL fatal error will be no longer present for users of Vtiger 6.x versions
  • other minor fixes and improvements

What's next?

We will continue to work on our extensions and bring new features for Vtiger that are mainly requested from our Vtiger community.

In addition, we are working on new Extensions, which we will present in the upcoming weeks / months.
The Extension of the year should be Multi SMTP, which will work with our extensions as well.

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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