Vtiger Extensions July 2021 News

vtiger news july 2021

Vtiger extensions July 2021 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, we hope you enjoy the summer holidays to the fullest and in good health.

Our team continues to work during summer without big limitations, so we can bring you new enhancements and bug fixes for our extensions.

Many of you have captured information that a new version of Vtiger 7.4 has been released. We are working hard to make our extensions compatible with Vtiger 7.4 as soon as possible.

Currently our most requested extension PDF Maker is compatible with Vtiger version 7.4.
You can update the new version using the Installer directly in the CRM system to version 4.24.

Below you can see all new updates which were released during July 2021:

We have released a new FREE extension Projects Gantt Chart.

You can preview all your projects on one screen, manage the dates, the length of the projects & more!

We have released a new FREE extension Projects Gantt Chart

During July we have resolved more issues related to Report 4 You.

See all issues we have resolved:

  • custom date wrong formatting issue was resolved
  • bing maps will now show title correctly
  • number of decimals for custom calculations were fixed
  • an issue where was not possible forward or back in scheduler step was resolved
  • fixed query issues while generating reports
  • custom calculations should now calculate values correctly
  • in some rare cases the installation of extension caused errors, this has been resolved
  • added quick hotfix for the problem where calculation SUM was not working and AVG and MAX values were multiplied
  • summary details now should correctly show records which can be clickable (record will open in CRM)
  • fixed saving or editing reports which caused the error: “Error while inserting the record (QUERYID).”
  • fixe translation of chart data series for stages

PDF Maker PRO/BASIC version:

Variable for the Current time will now show correct hour format based on Vtiger Calendar settings.

24 hours / 12 Hours format is now fully supported.


We have also resolved the issue in 0.8 FREE version of PDF Maker where variable $VATPERCENT$ did not work when used with combination of individual tax mode.

Compatibility between Multi Company and XLS Import was improved.

  • improved compatibility between XLS Import and Multi Company numbering, numbering will be now correctly recalculated
  • uninstalling Multi Company will no longer cause issues in Custom Modules
  • fixed issue where products with the same name were grouped into one product in the Item Details block
  • fixed issue where “link” fields were not mapped correctly
  • mapping for reference fields will no longer cause issues
  • fixed issue when Generating PreInvoice caused issue, where users were not able to select Conctat and Organization, that caused an error
  • minor bug fixes related to duplicated blocks and fields

We fixed an issue where the Account Statement did not update when the Cashflow payment was removed.

  • fixed issues where creating a description in the Item Details block for product items caused issues in some rare cases
  • resolved issues caused Delivery Fields not work in Events/Calendar related lists
  • selecting Organization name for conditions will now work properly
  • added new system requirement check: SqlCharset
  • improved module updates when licenses are expired

What's next?

The main plan for August is the compatibility of our extensions with Vtiger 7.4.

Another plan is to improve the PDF Signature extension.

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

vtiger extensions news

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