Vtiger Extensions August 2021 News

vtiger news august

Vtiger extensions August 2021 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, we hope you enjoyed the summer holidays!

Our team is fully back at work after the summer holidays and we are ready to continue bringing you new features and extensions.

One main thing we want to start with, is that all of our extensions are since August, fully compatible with Vtiger 7.4 version.

During the August we also added new features and fixed some issues related to our Vtiger Extensions.

Below you can see all new updates which were released during August 2021:

PDF Maker PRO/BASIC version:

We have added Custom Bar codes option under Other information tab

pdf maker custom bar codes

New feature Merge documents to: Workflow action Send Email with PDF Maker attachments, selected templates will be merged into one PDF file
other minor buf fixes


Resolved issues which caused blank page on Vtiger 7.4 version

  • fixed issue with Pick Lists and dependencies where in some cases the Pick list values like Payment Mode were not saved
  • currency fields formating will not support combinations of separators : “,” and “.”
  • minor bug fixes, improved stability of extension
  • add Report widget on Dashboard will be shown now properly based on permissions for the current report
  • custom totals calculations will no longer cause issues related to messed up or empty results
  • filter for Custom Date will now properly work when using “.” as separator between days/months/years

Installing Multi Company will NOT change Sharing rules automatically like it was in the past.
(reason is that some users had own sharing rules and our extension overwrote their settings)

Resolved issue where the Uninstall caused other module records to not load properly.

Overall, we resolved some issues with signature and made it more user friendly, also we fulfilled some requests we had from our community:

  • improved signed Documents and their storage in the CRM
  • added option to Clear Signature if its signed incorrectly, it can be fixed, also added Confirm signature, when signature will be confirmed and recipient can’t fix it anymore
  • added new feature Sign Document directly in the record of the CRM:
  • added Signature date, showing when the signature was signed
  • added relation field Source Record, you can click on that record and will be taken directly to it in the CRM
  • other minor improvements

Added new AfterSave Scheduling type, where the calculations will be made immediately after saving the record.

Fixed issue where if the file had special characters in the name, then when uploading the file in XLS Import it was not possible to continue to import.

With Password Config you can now define any password you want on Vtiger 7.4 and you do not need to follow Vtiger 7.4 password rules.

The module is no longer an entity module.

  • added new system requirement check: SqlCharset
  • improved module updates when licenses are expired

HTTP and HTTPS protocols will be counted as one activation now, and will no longer cause issues with validation.

What's next?

The plan for the next months is to improve our extensions and bring new features as always!

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

vtiger extensions news

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