Vtiger CRM 7.5.0 Planned Release

Vtiger CRM 7.5.0 planned release

According to the official announcement new version Vtiger 7.5 of a very popular CRM Open Source will be released soon!

Dear members,

Our silence on the community participation was due to a large-scale implementation we had to carry out on our opensource in the last several months. It was exciting for us as it gave us a much needed hands-on exercise.

It also helped us uncover some of the core design that needs tuning to meet the volumetric demands on large-scale implementation. We would be adding these support as we move forward.

We are having the following agenda, here is the executive summary our roadmap ahead:

Release 7.5.0 – (before Sep 31, 2022)

  • Kindly cite any blocker issues with master or Ready to pull MRs that need attention
  • Achieve code-freeze by Sep 07 will enable us to spend time on build validation

Next Release Vtiger 8.0.0 – Wishlist – (Q2/Q3 2023)

  • Refactored code-base (Server and Client)
  • Composer support
  • Bower support
  • Remove Deprecated & Legacy code
  • Many more

Feel free to share your feedback.


IT-Solutions4 You Extensions Vtiger 7.5 compatibility

Q: What about your extensions? Can I run them on Vtiger 7.5 when this version will be out?
A: Our extensions will be compatible in full within few a days/weeks, after the release of Vtiger 7.5.

Q: How I know that the extensions I have installed will be compatible with Vtiger 7.5?
A: Our modules will be available for installation/update in the Installer.

Also, we will update our Changelogs on the pages and in the Installer if there will be an update for specific extensions.

For any questions – Please contact us.

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