Vtiger CRM 8.1 Release

Vtiger 8.1 release

Vtiger CRM 8.1 has been released

Dear Vtiger Community,

We would like to inform you that Vtiger 8.1 appears to have been released, as indicated on https://code.vtiger.com/vtiger/vtigercrm/-/wikis/Release-Notes.

Version 8.1.0

Released on: 2024-01-25


  • Enabled Vtiger Logger with the MonoLog Library support

Following are the key highlights:

  • Added Monolog library support for Logging

Bug fixes

  • Search in the popup list view is not working
  • While exporting the report in CSV format, certain data such as the total sum and average values are — missing.
  • When we are selecting the field ‘Assigned To’ while creating reports ,throwing an error
  • Company details logo vulnerability when uploading images
  • when we export and download default reports page is breaking
  • bug in send mail from related modules -Ref
  • Quick filter in list-view throws warning – Ref
  • Potentials Filtering Malfunction in Quotes/Sales Order Modules When Account is Selected: Displays All — Potentials Instead of Only Those Related to the Selected Account-Ref
  • E-Mail sending via CRM results in -> POST https://xxxxxxx/index.php 500 (Internal Server Error) / csrf-magic.js:53 (Error)-Ref
  • Vt7*: Colour of Group by columns in Task Management screen is not consistent with picklist colour – Ref

Security issues

  • Role based picklist access should be enforced while saving a record from burp suite request..-Ref
  • Server side validation missing for all fields at configuration editor-Ref


Since this version of Vtiger was released without any testing processes and very quickly, we were not able to react in time and thus it will take longer to adapt our extensions to this version.

Thank you for your understanding.


Of course, we will start working on compatibility in the near future and gradually our extension will be compatible with this version as well.

In the post below you will find an Extensions list for supported modules which we will update frequently during upcoming weeks.

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