Vtiger Extensions September 2021 News

Vtiger extensions September 2021 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, we hope you enjoy the beautiful autumn of 2021.

We continue to work on improving our extensions. In September, we brought you a couple of updates to our extensions and fixes, and we also added new features.

Below you can see all new updates which were released during September 2021:

For PDF Maker we have released some bug fixes listed below:

  • resolved issue where value Total with Tax was doubled upon export/preview, when record was using Individual tax mode
  • resolved issue from previous version where variables like tax, total with tax, discount etc., were not exported and showed no value at all

During September we had a lot of work with Calculated Fields, we have improved extension and removed all issues which caused trouble for our Vtiger community.

  • fixed issue where the workflow was not properly started after editing the Calculated Fields settings
  • fixed issue when creating the record via relation’s tab did not count values as and results were wrong
  • if the custom conditions were defined, they were not applied for the calculation
  • resolved issue where if the value had any decimal separators, the calculation was not calculated properly
  • cron/scheduler calculations will now work as expected
  • version correction, installation issues has been solved


We made some changes so our PDF Signature module can be fully compatible with Vtiger Workflows.

  • fields: Signature Date, Status, Sent On are no longer Read Only fields, the reason is that so these fields can be used for Workflows
  • resolved issue when using Vtiger 7.3 version caused attachments to not be delivered via email
  • resolved issue where in list view, when creating an Invoice from Relation, all checked PreInvoices were not shown in the related tab of created Invoice
  • sending emails with PDF Maker “Send Email” feature will no longer cause errors

We have added option to search in Products when creating Warehouse Transfers.

  • fixed issue where inserting the wrong password didn’t show wrong password alert on the login page
  • fixed post uninstall issues where after uninstalling the Brute Force, the password rules were still present, not the password rules will revert back to Vtiger ones

We have added new feature to colour also fields and their values, which works for summary view and detail view too
colour cells vtiger

Changing the language in the system will no longer cause problems and the Header Status Bar will be displayed correctly in the records.

Quick Reminder will no longer cause related records to be removed upon update.

Our community which is trying Trial and also our current customers, which are using Trial licenses, now can purchase the full license directly via Installer with few clicks!

After you click on Buy license button, you will be redirected to our pages, where you can select if you want to get a full package or just specific extensions.

What's next?

The current plan for the next months till end of the year strengthen stability and reduce issues related to our extensions.

We may bring some smaller extra extensions till end of the year so stay tuned.

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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