Vtiger Extensions September 2023 News

Vtiger extensions September 2023 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, welcome to our September blog!

We would like to announce that our extensions are now compatible with Vtiger version 8.0 and PHP 8.2. It didn’t take long and our testing and publishing was successful. We still have the Vtiger Mobile App to update to version 8.0, but that should be completed during the first week of October.

We would also like to ask you if you find any problems related to the Vtiger 8.0 version, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@its4you.sk with your detailed description of the problem.

In the September blog, you can view the improvements and fixes we published below:

  • fixed problem where additional unwanted rows were created in the Related table when sending Emails using the Send Email feature in PDF Maker
  • other minor bug fixes and improvements
  • resolved issues related to Paid Amount and Remaining Amount fields where report did not show any values or did not generate any data at all
  • resolved problem where in the Filters step conditions “is empty” and “is not empty” were missing
  • Created Time conditions will now be loaded properly and show only conditions related to the times
  • Selected Frequency in the Scheduler step will correctly display DOW values ​​and days of the week instead of “Array”

What’s next?

We are working on completing the Mobile App for Vtiger 8.0 version, and we will continue to bring improvements and fixes for our extensions.

More information will be shared in our blogs and pages, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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Dear Vtiger Community, we are currently not supporting Vtiger 8.2. We are actively working on compatibility.