Vtiger Extensions September 2022 News

Vtiger extensions September 2022 news are here!

Dear Vtiger community, autumn is here and we believe that you are enjoying the last warm days in good health and well-being.
During September we did many hotfixes and added new features, like 70% of them were requested from our community so hope you enjoy them!

Check out all new features and changes done during September below:

  • added compatibility with the Mail Manager
  • solved compatibility issues related to PDF Maker when using action Send Email
  • solved problem where action Include Signature (PDF Maker – Send Email action), did not work when Email Maker wasn’t installed
  • FROM: email will be now correctly shown based on the settings
  • updating the extension will no longer cause resetting the Relationships in Module Layouts & Fields settings
  • Emails as Related tab, the records in the list and their Preview will no longer show email Body preview as html tags
  • Email Maker ListView block feature is not working properly again
  • sent emails will now show included images properly
  • improved relations between records
  • improved compatibility with PDF Maker FREE version
  • fixed issue where in some rare cases the Send Email with Email Maker buttons were missing
  • fixed problem where it was necessary to press enter twice when searching for templates
  • resolved issue where users were not able to select a EMAIL Maker template of Contacts in the Events workflows
  • Unsubscribe custom function now can also unsubscribe multiple records in the same time
    example: If Contacts is unsubscribed it also can unsubscribe Organization if related variable is set
  • added new tabs, which include lists of Opened Recipients and Clicked Links
  • button Continue Sending will be now hidden when the status of the campaign is Finish
  • SMTP field will be shown only when the Multi SMTP extension is active
  • resolved issue where if the Newsletter template used in the Campaign was deleted, that caused a blank page during edit of the Campaign
  • fixed issues related to PreInvoice extensions where it was not possible to translate some labels
  • fixed issue where translating menu labels was not possible
  • resolved issues when a double apostrophe was used, which caused a Dashboard to not load properly
  • solved the problem where the Cashflow Status was not correct after creating a record, according to the Due Date, or according to whether the payment was Outgoing or Incoming
  • resolved issue related to Vtiger Reports where values Pre Tax Total, Sub Total and Total were showing zero amounts
    required to edit Vtiger file: /modules/Reports/ReportRun.php
    line 304
    add values: ‘CreditNotes4You_Pre_Tax_Total’, ‘CreditNotes4You_Sub_Total’, ‘CreditNotes4You_Total’
    should look like:

  • added support of List view edit, Quick edit, Summary edit, Detail edit for actions like Show as Mandatory, Hide, Read Only
    (Dear users, there are still some limitations which we will develop lately, please report any bugs or questions related to this new features to info@its4you.sk as this is a big update)
  • field values will be now shown as (Module) Feld Name, this apply for list view, detail view and edit view
    example: (Leads) Lead Status
  • improvet compatibility with Dynamic Fields extensions
  • solved the problem where the Dynamic Fields actions did not work correctly for the conditions in the Process Flow that use the checkbox
  • CSV headers are displayed in one column cell – fixed wrong separator
  • CSV separator input missing in scheduler tab – fixed
  • Log Work Start date interval group range missing in summary Reports
  • fixed Javascript filter bugs
  • fixed limit and calculations of scheduled recording
  • fixed range filters in case of the big time zone (Thanks Ruben for simulations)
  • enhancement common_debug, detail_debug parameters for SQL analyze
  • minor XLS export bugs fixes
  • added support for Touch screens
  • PDF Maker template setting: Disable Export Edit, will now also disable editing templates before signature, this applies for button Edit template
    (after the update, we recommend clearing the cache so that the changes take effect)
  • Currency, Conversion rate, Tax type and Region will be transferred correctly when creating records
  • resolved compatibility issues with Vtiger 7.0 version
  • resolved issue where variables like $contacts-firstname$ $contacts-lastname$ were not replaced by a record values

Don’t forget to check our blog posts each month for more new information about our products and services.

We will continue to bring quality improvements and fixes for our extensions.

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